My illustrious friend Saxophonin’ Gnome gave me a choice for my birthday present this year: tickets to either a concert or a baseball game.

This took me by surprise, mainly because my birthday weekend is being taken over by a bachelorette party (get ready for Karaoke, girls), and I didn’t expect a present for a birthday so near a wedding. But whatevs, I’ll take birthday presents.

I had thought about suggesting Feist’s show at Stubb’s in April, but thought the ticket price would be too high. Turns out, it isn’t!

Which means I’m going to see Feist in a month!!



Keeping healthy

I am here to say that I am now enamored with Raspberry Emergen-C. I tried the Tangerine first, but that just tasted like watered-down lemonade. The Raspberry tastes like a fruity summer drink. All I need are ice cubes and an umbrella.

Wilco Wedding Wish

Do you think that writing a nice letter to Wilco will convince them to play at the wedding? Their website doesn’t have them booked for May 24, after all…

Here’s where that question came from: I’m listening to an NPR streamed Wilco concert in Washington, D.C. And I’ve got to say that even though I’ve seen them three times now and heard their concerts via the internet twice, I really (REALLY) can’t wait until I’m able to see them again.

I think I’m finally coming out from under the blanket of exhaustion that was my version of the flu. Actually, I don’t know what’s been plaguing me the last four days, but the last two have found me so completely wiped out that I haven’t gone in to work. Even today, just washing a few dishes made me so tired that I immediately returned to the couch. However, I’m feeling a little more optimistic this evening, and I’m thinking tomorrow is the day I’m going to return to the real world. The last two days have found me watching more reality TV programming than I care to admit (because seriously, that’s all that’s on anymore), and I think I’m beginning to go a little crazy.


The cleaning lady in the morning likes to put the toilet paper in so that it rolls under.

The cleaning lady in the evening likes to put the toilet paper in so that it rolls over.

My money’s on the evening lady.

Don’t tell me how to vote!

I work on a college campus, which means that during lunch I almost always end up walking through an area with a large number of students. Of these, half are either sitting at tables shouting at me to join their organization or buy their baked goods, and the other half thrusting small pieces of paper in my face.

Today, a friend and I were braving the crowd and came between two girls handing out leaflets. One was supporting Obama, the other Clinton. The Clinton supporter was on my side, and when I didn’t take her leaflet she said “You’re a woman! Vote for Hillary!”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I turned around (while still walking) and shouted back, “I don’t vote like that!” She retorted with, “I don’t either…!” (I didn’t hear how it ended)

Look, kids. Yes, I’ll be voting in the Democratic primary. Yes, I’ll probably vote Democrat for the President, even if the candidate I like now isn’t running. But no, you can’t tell me to vote for Hillary because we’re both women. What if, hypothetically speaking, I didn’t agree with her fundamentally? Should I still support her even though she may not be the candidate that I want running the country?

I’m not stupid. I know that people actually vote based on these types of things. But I’m going to try to be blind to the fact that one of the Democratic candidates is a woman, and the other is black. Call me crazy, but I think the best way to go about it is to vote on the issues.


Be aware that Master Pancake is “lampooning” Back to the Future.

I can’t wait!

List of Recommendations

Good Mood Diet – It’s not so much a “don’t eat you favorite foods” as it is “try eating these foods, see how you feel, and then if you’d like to, add in those foods you like so much.” It seems to be working for me–I mean, I cheat occasionally, but my cheating is no longer going to Sonic for tots with cheese. It’s getting Baked Lays at Subway. Yeah, boring cheating, right? But hey, the pounds are starting to disappear, so I think I’m ok with boring.

Exercise. My friend Marci introduced me to a running program a long time ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I really committed to trying it out. Actually, I didn’t commit to it so much as say, “Yeah, I’ll start the program with you, Marci. But don’t expect me to be running 30 minutes straight with you.” Now, I’m at the 30 minutes. And it’s incredibly uplifting, especially for someone who has always hated to run.

3hive. I’ve recommended this site before, and it’s on my blogroll to the right. I just really like being able to hear whole song samples of new music. And I dig that they recommend all kinds of music, so that I’m quickly and easily able to expand my horizons.

Baseball. It’s good for your soul. (Well, it’s good for mine, at least)

Thanks, by the way, for all of your kind words after the post last week. I really appreciate them.