This is the end

When I got engaged, I thought, “Oh! How wonderful! I’ll be married AND I’ll have a lot to post about along the way!” Well, I didn’t think that right away, but you get my drift.

Turns out, that hasn’t been the case. I’ve been so busy with, well, life, that I haven’t been able to keep this blog up-to-date. I’m really sorry about that, those of you who still read here. I used to use this blog as a way of keeping up with people. What is my friend who works less than a mile from me thinking about today? Let’s not ask her, let’s just read her blog. I thought I was doing great with that set-up, being all in-the-know and whatnot. Then I realized that it was actually more fun to see my friends in the flesh. And isn’t that how you’re supposed to keep up with your friends?

And THEN I remembered that when I would try to post things that were utterly honest, I would fret over what others thought or said. The anxiety I felt over the post last March concerning my lack of religious faith affected me more than I’ve let on to most people. Why should I have felt that way? It’s my blog, my belief, my right to say what I want. But for some reason, the fact that others thought I had come to the decision lightly or hadn’t made the right choice didn’t roll of my back as easily as I would have liked. (I’ve come to more of a definite conclusion than I had then, but I still think I’m better off not posting about it anymore.)

It was at that exact moment that I started to think that maybe having a blog wasn’t for me. I don’t like arguments or confrontation. I worry about debating issues, because I lose my words in emotions. It doesn’t mean I don’t have a good reason for feeling the way I do, it just means I clam up when I try to express those reasons. From what I can see, successful bloggers don’t have this problem. Or they steer clear of hot button issues because they actually have a way of turning mundane life occurrences into great stories. I don’t really have that talent either.

Yesterday, I followed a link to Why I shut down my blog. And after I read it, I seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. Because she put into words what I’ve been thinking about for almost a year. This blog has become a chore for me. Even now, as I’m writing, I’m putting off work. If I would have written this post last night, I would have been putting off dinner or sleeping. There isn’t a time anymore when I think that I’d really like to post something. Sure, there are random jokes or funny pictures, but honestly, I can just pass those along in an attempt to clog up my friends’ email accounts.

I guess the whole point of this post is to say that while I’m not giving up on blogging entirely, I’m saying goodbye for now. I’m busy, I’m tired, and I just don’t have the motivation for this anymore. I think my time would be better spent doing other things.

This, of course, doesn’t mean I won’t still be reading blogs. Oh, I will. Google Reader and I have a date every day. Several dates if I’m lucky. And I’ll try to keep this blog around just in case I get the inkling to post something. Keep me on your reader, if you’ve got one.

I’ve had fun doing this, and I hope you’ve had fun reading.


Interesting reads

I’m at home right now with stomach issues, and am trying everything to get my mind off of that darn internal organ. Here’s one thing that kept me reading the whole way through:

The Past

Also, what are your thoughts on this?

…And Baby Makes Two

Reading link

Exclusive Excerpts from Fred Kaplan’s new book Daydream Believers


Everyone’s talking about the Iowa caucus. I think it’s a little silly to get so riled up about only the first test, but a part of me can’t help but get a little swept away. I won’t get into any debates yet, mainly because I don’t think I’m going to change anyone’s mind and they’re not going to change mine (once I make my final decision), and also because I haven’t thoroughly researched the issues and how the candidates feel about them.

I started a bit today, though, and wanted to share a few links with you. These links are especially dedicated to those who are like me and haven’t committed to anyone just yet.

First, you can visit this page to take a test that will match you up with the candidate(s) you align with most. My friend Rebecca shared this link with her readers, and I decided to pass it on here as well. According to this page, Clinton, Edwards, and Obama are tied for my vote, followed by McCain and Giuliani, and then the rest of the Republicans (Huckabee, Romney, Thompson) finish the list. This isn’t news to me, really, as I know I’m a liberal. It was nice to see exactly who I agreed with on which issue, though.

Another useful link is CNN’s Election Center 2008. Click on the Candidates tab, and you can look at a profile of each candidate, including how they feel about basic issues (you have to scroll down, and you’ll find the issues box on the right). Granted, it isn’t extremely in depth, but it’s a great place to start if you haven’t been paying much attention yet.

Have fun!

New Year’s Wish

I heard once that Tina Fey lost some weight using Weight Watchers. Since I have a bit of a crush on Tina, this is my new year’s wish:

I join Weight Watchers to lose some pounds before the wedding. Tina finds out that I’m totally spending all day catching up on the Tina Fey show, otherwise known as 30 Rock, and decides that because I like her so much she’ll be my personal Weight Watchers coach. We become fast friends, I lose the weight, and she comes to the wedding and gives the greatest toast ever.

Anyone else have some silly and unlikely wish for the new year?

No more prize

Well, I missed posting yesterday, and truth be told I’m not very sad about it. Sure I would have liked to have posted every day and possibly won a prize. But truly, this year’s NaBloPoMo just doesn’t have the same magic as last year’s. Maybe I just don’t have enough inspiration this year. Not sure. All I know is that missing yesterday didn’t make me sad or disappointed. It actually made me feel relieved. Odd, no?

Since I don’t know what to talk about, I’ll let the new kitteh in town do the work for me. Ella says, “tgn3bbb3 ˆ¨sdlll”

Right on, Ella.


Bookpeople is providing my internet access right now. My parents bought Jared a gift certificate as a birthday present, so I am currently camped out in the cafe while he attempts to spend his money on as many books as possible. I like this place, although at times they have questionable book store music. Just a moment ago, I was listening to ABBA’s “SOS.” Then I heard some crazy disco tune. Now it’s an amazing 70’s era love song duet. I don’t know–I think I’d rather have music that’s a bit more soothing played a little lower on the volume scale. Man, I sound boring, don’t I?

I don’t know if you followed that link, but if you did, you’d see a picture of the display for Stephen Colbert’s I Am American (And So Can You!). The display does indeed contain a bear. I think the presence of the bear in the Colbert display forces me to forgive the louder-than-I’d-like music.

Hope everyone’s had a good first weekend in November.