“Women in jeans ‘cannot be raped'”

Words can’t describe how angry this makes me.


No sir

We finally got around to paying the pet deposit at our apartment (we wanted to make sure Ella didn’t belong to someone else), and the form they gave us to sign mentions that cats must be declawed. Um, excuse me?

No, no, and no.

I’m not sure how adamant they are about this. Hopefully this is just the attitude of the giant corporation that owns our apartment complex, not the apartment staff themselves. I can’t believe that they would try to force cat owners to do something so painful to their pet. There will be some major fighting about this if they insist that we declaw Ella. It won’t happen.

Cat food

From the time I was a wee lass until the time I went off to big bad college, I had a cat. Sometimes they were family cats, sometimes they were more for me. Along with my parents, I’d feed them, give them water, change their litter box, and love them like nobody’s business (where did that phrase come from, by the way?).

It’s been 5 long, agonizing years since I’ve had a kitty around. But no more. Saturday night a kitty found my roommate/cousin, and we’ve been enamored every since. We’re going to do the nice thing and make sure she doesn’t belong to anyone else, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that she truly was in need of rescue.

Because of the new kitty, we now have a new litter box, new food, new toys, etc. And after all this time I’d forgotten how nice the smell of cat food is.

Yes, dry cat food smell is one of my favorite smells. It brings back memories of Rocky, Morris, Evil, all those cats I’d scoop my hand in the cat food for. I never went so far as to try the food (has anyone? How does it taste?), but I have a knee-jerk reaction to breathe in a big gulp of air when I open the cat food.

Anyone else have a strange connection with food for animals?


Parents of MySpace hoax victim seek justice

Apologies to those who have seen this already and are tired of the story. I just can’t understand how people can do these things.

My strange fingers

Lately, the tips of my fingers have been rather dry and peely. I know that’s not a word, but indulge me.

I’m not sure how it’s happening. I use lotion every day, and not all of my fingers are afflicted with this at the same time. I think it started with my left ring finger peeling around the tip. I didn’t think much of it, since it was around the edge of my nail. I just figured the finger was dry or maybe the skin got caught on something and started to peel. In any case, I assumed it’d go away, and it did. But it spread to the other finger a few days later. And then another finger.

Now, my right thumb is peeling at the very top. I simply can’t figure out what I’m doing to my fingers to make them peel. It looks like I’ve burned them or something. They don’t itch, and they’re not irritated. Just dry and peely.

At this exact moment, the thumb is the only one afflicted. Hopefully it’ll end after this digit, but you never know.

Stolen topic

My friend recently wrote about a recurring dream she’s been having, so I thought I’d talk about something that happened to me this morning.

Lately I’ve been somewhat of an insomniac. Well, the problem is that I just can’t seem to go to bed until after 1. And even then something inside me keeps my eyes open. This has been happening most of the week, and this morning it caught up with me. I just couldn’t will myself to get up, no matter how hard I tried. So I laid in bed, awake, but a bit out of it, if you know what I mean. I looked at the clock at some point, and saw it was already 7:10. I told myself “just a few more minutes” and turned my head to face the wall.

Then something odd happened. I’m pretty sure I dozed off, but the next thing I remember happening is that I turned my head to look at the clock again, and couldn’t tell if it was 7:19 or 7:20. I thought “you’ve gotta get up soon,” but then all of a sudden this paralyzing feeling took over my body. Everything went black, and I felt my body being lifted above of the bed and turned around (like, head over feet). This paralyzing sensation used to be a normal occurrence for me (although the lifted feeling was new), so while I was scared out of my mind, I calmly thought to myself, “just wake up. Just wake up and it’ll be over.”

And right after that, I woke up. I turned my head to look at the clock, and saw that it was 7:20. I was fully awake and freaking out a little bit. I almost felt like someone was in the room with me. Of course no one was there, and I successfully pushed the whole thing out of my mind and got ready for work.

Like I said, I’ve had the paralyzing sensation before, in which I can’t move or speak. All I can do is lie there thinking to myself that “I’m ok, everything will be ok in a minute. Just don’t freak out.” It used to terrify me to the point that I’d turn on the light and sit up for a while, but now it’s almost like an old friend. A scary old friend, but something I’m more used to nonetheless.

I had a theory once that maybe my brain is just left behind after my body has gone to sleep, so that my body isn’t responding to my brain’s directions. Almost like I’m in between sleeping and waking. Make sense? Does anyone know why this happens and if I should be worried?


Sorry if this post doesn’t flow well. It’s one of those days.

This is difficult. I’ve only told a few people about this so far, and I feel that it’s best to just come out with these sorts of things. Just be honest. That’s the best policy, right? Yeah. So here goes.

I’ve begun watching WE. That’s right, Women’s Entertainment. Specifically Bridezillas and (gulp) American Princess. I don’t know what’s happened; maybe it’s because I’m engaged and am hungry for anything info that pertains to weddings. That doesn’t explain American Princess. Nothing explains that.

I used to be one of those women that swore off ANYTHING on Lifetime or WE or whatever other channels are geared towards women. Even if, say, Sleepless in Seattle, a movie I adore, was on one of those channels, I’d probably find something else to watch. Like ESPN. Yeah, I’m usually that girl.

I’d heard about Bridezillas from some friends, and always thought it sounded like a funny show, but the dilemma was that it was on WE. So I never tried to catch it and see what it was all about. Then one day recently we came across it–and the rest, as they say, is history. I was hooked. Even Jared didn’t mind watching it too much.

You might think that there’s no big deal with watching the channel for a couple of shows. And I think I could live with that if that was the truth. Except…well…I watch it almost every day now. As in, I check to see what’s on when I get home from work. I used to check the big three (Comedy Central, FSN, Discovery) then probably settle on Comedy Central, especially if it was almost time for Daily Show. But then Discovery had Shark Week, and I lost interest. Comedy Central is inexplicably in love with Carlos Mencia (who steals his jokes, by the way, worthless idiot). And my Astros aren’t doing too hot, so FSN is usually more depressing than entertaining these days. So the big three don’t always grab my attention anymore.

And who’s gonna be there to pick me up? I’ll tell ya who! Crazy women getting married! Crazy women wanting to be an American Princess! And then some more crazy women getting married!

At this point, I won’t swear off WE once the big three come back. I’ve realized that I can watch that channel and not feel like a crazy lady. It just makes me a more rounded person, right? Maybe I just won’t watch it for hours on end after work anymore…