Wilco Wedding Wish

Do you think that writing a nice letter to Wilco will convince them to play at the wedding? Their website doesn’t have them booked for May 24, after all…

Here’s where that question came from: I’m listening to an NPR streamed Wilco concert in Washington, D.C. And I’ve got to say that even though I’ve seen them three times now and heard their concerts via the internet twice, I really (REALLY) can’t wait until I’m able to see them again.

I think I’m finally coming out from under the blanket of exhaustion that was my version of the flu. Actually, I don’t know what’s been plaguing me the last four days, but the last two have found me so completely wiped out that I haven’t gone in to work. Even today, just washing a few dishes made me so tired that I immediately returned to the couch. However, I’m feeling a little more optimistic this evening, and I’m thinking tomorrow is the day I’m going to return to the real world. The last two days have found me watching more reality TV programming than I care to admit (because seriously, that’s all that’s on anymore), and I think I’m beginning to go a little crazy.


3 Responses

  1. When I first read your title, I thought, despite the nice consonance, that it said “Wilco Wedding Dish.” Which would mean that you and Jared had chosen a Wilco-themed china pattern, with commemorative rockabilly plates for Thanksgiving and all high holidays. “Goodness,” I thought. “They seemed like such nice people.”

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

  2. And aren’t they supposed to be on SNL with Juno girl this week?

  3. Indeed Judy! And I’m hoping we’ll be watching them!

    Elizabeth, how I wish there were some Wilco-themed china patterns out there. I would invite people over for dinner EVERY NIGHT.

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