Don’t tell me how to vote!

I work on a college campus, which means that during lunch I almost always end up walking through an area with a large number of students. Of these, half are either sitting at tables shouting at me to join their organization or buy their baked goods, and the other half thrusting small pieces of paper in my face.

Today, a friend and I were braving the crowd and came between two girls handing out leaflets. One was supporting Obama, the other Clinton. The Clinton supporter was on my side, and when I didn’t take her leaflet she said “You’re a woman! Vote for Hillary!”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I turned around (while still walking) and shouted back, “I don’t vote like that!” She retorted with, “I don’t either…!” (I didn’t hear how it ended)

Look, kids. Yes, I’ll be voting in the Democratic primary. Yes, I’ll probably vote Democrat for the President, even if the candidate I like now isn’t running. But no, you can’t tell me to vote for Hillary because we’re both women. What if, hypothetically speaking, I didn’t agree with her fundamentally? Should I still support her even though she may not be the candidate that I want running the country?

I’m not stupid. I know that people actually vote based on these types of things. But I’m going to try to be blind to the fact that one of the Democratic candidates is a woman, and the other is black. Call me crazy, but I think the best way to go about it is to vote on the issues.


2 Responses

  1. Oh, those undergrads and their fierce powers of rhetoric. Good for you for saying what you think.

    As for me, after last week’s conversion to Hillary, I’m now totally on the fence. I even took that quiz on that matches you with a candidate, and I tied for Hillary and Obama! Snarf. I would vote early, if only I knew for whom I was voting.

  2. Things like that annoy the hell out of me too! But I think you know that, haha. Some people are so… pushy. My husband is a Clinton supporter and I’m an Obama fan.

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