List of Recommendations

Good Mood Diet – It’s not so much a “don’t eat you favorite foods” as it is “try eating these foods, see how you feel, and then if you’d like to, add in those foods you like so much.” It seems to be working for me–I mean, I cheat occasionally, but my cheating is no longer going to Sonic for tots with cheese. It’s getting Baked Lays at Subway. Yeah, boring cheating, right? But hey, the pounds are starting to disappear, so I think I’m ok with boring.

Exercise. My friend Marci introduced me to a running program a long time ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I really committed to trying it out. Actually, I didn’t commit to it so much as say, “Yeah, I’ll start the program with you, Marci. But don’t expect me to be running 30 minutes straight with you.” Now, I’m at the 30 minutes. And it’s incredibly uplifting, especially for someone who has always hated to run.

3hive. I’ve recommended this site before, and it’s on my blogroll to the right. I just really like being able to hear whole song samples of new music. And I dig that they recommend all kinds of music, so that I’m quickly and easily able to expand my horizons.

Baseball. It’s good for your soul. (Well, it’s good for mine, at least)

Thanks, by the way, for all of your kind words after the post last week. I really appreciate them.


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