Honeymoon, here we come

I’m more than a little excited about our honeymoon coming up. We decided to go to Portland, Oregon, and according to a co-worker who used to live there, we’ve chosen a great time of year to visit. We’ll be there during the last week of May, when the weather is mild and the flowers are blooming.

We’re staying at The Benson Hotel, which has complementary wine tastings each night in their extensive wine cellar. Expedia also claims that they have Nintendo consoles in each guestroom, but I can’t find that information on the hotels website. Oh, how I wish upon wish that the Nintendo console will greet us when we arrive.

One place I’m sure we’re going to spend some time at is Powell’s Books. They claim to be “the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world.” And no sales tax in Oregon!!

The place I’m newly ecstatic about visiting is Ground Kontrol. I can’t wait to play Frogger again. And apparently there is a plethora of pinball machines.

We didn’t want our honeymoon to be the typical beach resort honeymoon. I think we’ve made the right choice. My only regret is that we’re not rich enough to extend our stay to a few weeks.

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3 Responses

  1. Video games? In the hotel room?

    But… weren’t you going to have sex?

  2. Oh, we’ll have our whole lives for the sex. 😉

  3. Caroline!!! (my Miranda!)

    How in the HELL have you been?? I found your blog after looking at Ms. Judy’s!!! Time has flew by… I see that you are either married or about to be. ME TOO!! Shoot me an email….. I want to know what’s up. Miss ya. (I still have my FINDING NEMO beach towel!)

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