Please excuse me while I dance

I am convinced that the world needs more dancing. I’m not the best dancer, but I don’t think you need to be a “good” dancer to have fun doing it.

That being said, I’m really excited that the fiance said he’d go to dance lessons with me. I’d like to find something that would teach us to dance to bluegrass or old country (absolutely none of this new country pop they play these days). Ideally, this class would be cheap and not extremely time consuming, seeing as we live in different cities right now. Well, I’m in the city, he’s in my city’s younger brother. I’ll look at some informal classes offered here at the university, but I’m open to other options as well.

Marci has said she wants to go to the Broken Spoke to get some dancing experience in as prep for the wedding, and I’d love to take her up on that offer. But when do we find the time for something like that?

Do you know how to dance, live near me, and want to be paid in hugs and/or beers? You should get a hold of me.

Any dance class stories?


5 Responses

  1. My friend Heather, who you’ve met, has gained quite the reputation among the gentlemen who frequent the Spoke as being one of the best dancers there. Men who’ve never even met her ask her to dance by name.

    She also likes beer. I’m sure if you paid her in beer, and maybe in a burger or two, she’d schedule a dance class or two for some folks.

  2. I know there’s no point in even asking my fellah. It’s about all I can do to get him drunk and scoot around in a circle.

  3. I like hugs. Can you pay me in hugs? I won’t dance, but I’d still like to get paid in hugs. Not so much in beer. You know how I am about beer. But hugs are good.

    One day I was doing a silly little dance in the front office when The Other Kim came in. I got embarrassed. My ears turned red. The end.

  4. I was at the Broken Spoke last Friday and saw Heather, and indeed, she is good. She’s usually there on Fridays, but the Spoke does have lessons on Wednesday nights. I would be easiliy convinced to join you there.

  5. I used to know this old boy named Donnie that was ugly as sin–had ears like Opey or Dumbo and a little tiny head and bad acne, but he knew how to rub belt buckles real good, so he was never short on lady friends.

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