2007, anyone?

Everyone is either looking back or looking ahead. Since the looking ahead part for me is way too exciting/stressful to talk about right now, I’ll take a brief look back.

In 2007, I

…gained a fiance.

…bought some music (Wilco and Beirut topping the list).

…stole some music from the fiance (namely Sufjan Stevens).

…saw some movies (No Country for Old Men being, by far, the best, even though I really loved some others).

…made some new friends, while losing some old ones.

…helped win a decorating contest at work.

…found out that I do, in fact, love onions.

…joined a gym.

…discovered that my body can actually handle jogging.

…grew closer to some friends who I hope will be around for a while.

…experienced a kitten in heat.

…went to some baseball games.

…cried when Biggio finished his career.

…also cried when Biggio hit 3000.

…kept falling more in love with the fiance (this is my favorite).

I hope everyone has a great New Year.


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