Home style

I’ve been thinking a lot about the type of style I want to use to decorate the living quarters that Jared and I will be sharing soon. I mean, the type of style we want to use. Yeah.

Anyway, I really like the style that Dooce decorates with (check out her Daily Style pictures), but somehow I feel that too much of that style overwhelms a room and diminishes any personal touches one might have. I know that this doesn’t have to be the case–if you’re good, you can use a ready-made style and still make it your own. But I worry about falling into the trap of using too much style and not enough me.

I really like Ikea, but again, I think it’s easy to fall into an Ikea trap, where everything is from Ikea and your house feels like a showroom. Same with Target, really. I love those two stores, but I’m afraid that I’ll love them too much and my living space won’t be personal.

I thought this last night as I looked around my room. I have a hard time letting go of certain things, things that are probably holding me back from truly finding my adult style. I found my college style pretty quickly, and it’s still a major part of my room. I want to purge my space of things that I acquired in college that aren’t necessary anymore. Do I really need all of those stupid coasters I’ve collected from restaurants? Really, I could only keep those from foreign countries……or chunk them all. They get in the way more than they’re useful. I had a grand idea once of using the Lone Star caps with riddles on them in some funky decorative fashion, but now I think it’ll just look like something that needs to be sold in a junk shop. Or in a yard sale on an episode of Clean House.

But then are things like the old signed Houston Astros baseball that I’ve got. That’s something I would like to incorporate somewhere (maybe as a way to break up the monotony of books on shelves?). We’ve also got a couple of action figures that I’d like to keep but don’t know how to work them in (be sure you check out the links). Will they seem too childish? Or will we show off our sense of humor by incorporating them?

I’m sure we’ll figure it out together, which I’m looking forward to. It’s just something that I’m thinking about.


2 Responses

  1. You wouldn’t know it looking at my office, but I like to put knickknacks on bookshelves. Now that the room is clean, I’m going to start decorating. And getting neat things for the kitchen. I just want the place to be inviting. Really, I have no style. šŸ™‚

  2. I’ve heard the same said of Pottery Barn, that a place can be decorated too Pottery Barnish. Supposedly displaying things like action figures together as a collection is supposed to be the decorator way according to all the magazines I love to read. Do all those magazines mean I have a decorated house? Heck no! But I sure do love to look at them.

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