You know you’re bored when…

…you’ve read all of the websites you always read and it’s only 8:30 AM.

…you check Scrabulous on Facebook every 3 minutes or so to see if it’s your turn in a game.

…you start planning your lunch at 10:30 AM.

…you get frustrated with yourself when you’ve chosen your lunch by 10:35 AM.

…you start to look at going to the restroom as a ‘time killer.’

…you can’t help but get REALLY excited when you get an email (personal or work).

…you hold rather long conversations about the relationships of people you’ve never met.

…you hold another long conversation about how certain celebrities have died and you somehow knew nothing about it.

…you decide that as bored as you are, you definitely don’t want to do the little jobs that you have sitting around (like emailing that guy, or putting up that clipboard).

…you purposefully take all morning to write a blog post, and then are a little disappointed when said blog post isn’t as long as you thought.


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