Dance party!

So I use Gmail which groups emails under the same subject into one long email conversation. For example, if you and I were to email back and forth 20 times about WordPress, I wouldn’t have 20 emails in my inbox. Just one very long (and potentially boring) email. (I know most of you use Gmail already, but, you know, some don’t.)

Since I started listening to KEXP, I’ve come across a good number of bands that I’d like to have in my iTunes. The first time this happened, I sent myself an email with the subject being the name of the band I liked (Ghostland Observatory, for those who are interested). The next time it happened, I decided to just reply to the Ghostland Observatory email with the next band name in the text field. And so on, and so on. So now I have an email list that’s about 20 bands deep. To be honest, I’ve only bought one band’s CD (Dr. Dog) because I’m simply poorer than I previously thought. And occasionally I go back through the list and realize that when I turn the music up a little more, I don’t like the band as much as I thought. (I listen to KEXP at work, and therefore can’t turn the music up to the appropriate volume.)

Last night Jared and I went through some of the list together, and I reconfirmed my longing for a few bands. Beirut is one of them. It’s safe to say that if you liked the music in Amelie, you’ll probably dig Beirut (and if you haven’t seen Amelie yet, get to it!). Starlight Mints is another one. They have one song that reminds me a big of Pavement. The band Awesome is original and, as their name suggests, pretty awesome.

But my happiest reminder came with Black Kids. Oh how their music makes me want to have a dance party. And if you like(d) The Cure at all, you’ll probably appreciate Black Kids. Especially “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You.” And what’s really great is that they let you download their four song EP from their website (and from MySpace, which is where that link will take you) for FREE.

Will anyone dance with me if I dim the lights, pour some drinks, and turn their music up loud?


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