I just realized

…that if I had no regards for how obnoxious it would be to do so, I’d tell everyone about my music collection in the same fashion that others talk about their kids.

Jared likened the joining of our two cd collections to the merger of a big company with a smaller one. Some people might get pink slips (we have a good number of the same cds), but in the end it will be a more cohesive group. I liked that.

I think my dream job would be to work in music in some way, but I’m not that qualified. I’d only be able to scout out new talent. Anyone need a professional listener for their indie label?


2007, anyone?

Everyone is either looking back or looking ahead. Since the looking ahead part for me is way too exciting/stressful to talk about right now, I’ll take a brief look back.

In 2007, I

…gained a fiance.

…bought some music (Wilco and Beirut topping the list).

…stole some music from the fiance (namely Sufjan Stevens).

…saw some movies (No Country for Old Men being, by far, the best, even though I really loved some others).

…made some new friends, while losing some old ones.

…helped win a decorating contest at work.

…found out that I do, in fact, love onions.

…joined a gym.

…discovered that my body can actually handle jogging.

…grew closer to some friends who I hope will be around for a while.

…experienced a kitten in heat.

…went to some baseball games.

…cried when Biggio finished his career.

…also cried when Biggio hit 3000.

…kept falling more in love with the fiance (this is my favorite).

I hope everyone has a great New Year.


If you need some music to walk down the street to, 70s style, check out Orgone. I am not kidding; you will feel like you’re in a movie.


While others are listening to holiday music, I’m listening to dance music.

KEXP seems to be into the dance music today (not house music, but music that really makes you want to shake your booty), and I have no complaints. Are you tired of hearing cheery Christmas music and want to tap your foot while wrapping the last few presents? You should try these websites/bands on for size.

Beats Broke is a brand new hip hop label that belongs to a boyfriend of a friend. I’ve gotta say, I don’t like the hip hop as much as the next kid, but I do dig the music offered up on this site. I’m a fan of Pax & Pry, and Arts the Beatdoctor lives up to the great name. Sure, I’d tell you to go to this site even if I didn’t like it, since it belongs to a genuinely nice person who deserves some web visits to his label. But I do recommend listening to the music if you think you could possibly need a little hip hop in your life.

Muscles is actually a band recommended by Dooce a little while ago, so if you read her site you’ve maybe already had a taste of them. I really dig their music and don’t take them very seriously, which I think is the point. Just shake your booty already! (Have I really said the word “booty” twice in this post?)

Black Kids is a band I’ve mentioned before, but I really can’t get enough of them. Their songs make me smile every time I hear them, especially “I’m not gonna teach him…”

Granted, this type of music isn’t for everyone, and that’s cool. I just like the happy feeling I get when music makes me want to dance in my chair at work, so I wanted to share it with the 2 or 3 readers who are still around. If you do end up dancing, let me know!

Home style

I’ve been thinking a lot about the type of style I want to use to decorate the living quarters that Jared and I will be sharing soon. I mean, the type of style we want to use. Yeah.

Anyway, I really like the style that Dooce decorates with (check out her Daily Style pictures), but somehow I feel that too much of that style overwhelms a room and diminishes any personal touches one might have. I know that this doesn’t have to be the case–if you’re good, you can use a ready-made style and still make it your own. But I worry about falling into the trap of using too much style and not enough me.

I really like Ikea, but again, I think it’s easy to fall into an Ikea trap, where everything is from Ikea and your house feels like a showroom. Same with Target, really. I love those two stores, but I’m afraid that I’ll love them too much and my living space won’t be personal.

I thought this last night as I looked around my room. I have a hard time letting go of certain things, things that are probably holding me back from truly finding my adult style. I found my college style pretty quickly, and it’s still a major part of my room. I want to purge my space of things that I acquired in college that aren’t necessary anymore. Do I really need all of those stupid coasters I’ve collected from restaurants? Really, I could only keep those from foreign countries……or chunk them all. They get in the way more than they’re useful. I had a grand idea once of using the Lone Star caps with riddles on them in some funky decorative fashion, but now I think it’ll just look like something that needs to be sold in a junk shop. Or in a yard sale on an episode of Clean House.

But then are things like the old signed Houston Astros baseball that I’ve got. That’s something I would like to incorporate somewhere (maybe as a way to break up the monotony of books on shelves?). We’ve also got a couple of action figures that I’d like to keep but don’t know how to work them in (be sure you check out the links). Will they seem too childish? Or will we show off our sense of humor by incorporating them?

I’m sure we’ll figure it out together, which I’m looking forward to. It’s just something that I’m thinking about.

You know you’re bored when…

…you’ve read all of the websites you always read and it’s only 8:30 AM.

…you check Scrabulous on Facebook every 3 minutes or so to see if it’s your turn in a game.

…you start planning your lunch at 10:30 AM.

…you get frustrated with yourself when you’ve chosen your lunch by 10:35 AM.

…you start to look at going to the restroom as a ‘time killer.’

…you can’t help but get REALLY excited when you get an email (personal or work).

…you hold rather long conversations about the relationships of people you’ve never met.

…you hold another long conversation about how certain celebrities have died and you somehow knew nothing about it.

…you decide that as bored as you are, you definitely don’t want to do the little jobs that you have sitting around (like emailing that guy, or putting up that clipboard).

…you purposefully take all morning to write a blog post, and then are a little disappointed when said blog post isn’t as long as you thought.

No sir

We finally got around to paying the pet deposit at our apartment (we wanted to make sure Ella didn’t belong to someone else), and the form they gave us to sign mentions that cats must be declawed. Um, excuse me?

No, no, and no.

I’m not sure how adamant they are about this. Hopefully this is just the attitude of the giant corporation that owns our apartment complex, not the apartment staff themselves. I can’t believe that they would try to force cat owners to do something so painful to their pet. There will be some major fighting about this if they insist that we declaw Ella. It won’t happen.