The post that was almost lost

I typed this post last night, fully intending to publish it. However, Time Warner’s internet connection decided to bail out on me at the last minute, and I didn’t feel much like trying to reconnect just to publish a few sentences. Now that I’m at work with a much better internet connection, I’ll try again.

Rebecca and Marci and I seem to get each other better than I thought we would when we first started hanging out. We love to get together and do so as often as we can, but we don’t take it personally if it turns out that plans don’t allow for hanging out (or if we just need a break from social life). I’m afraid that if I elaborate this’ll turn into a cheesy sounding post, since that’s just how I end up writing these kinds of things. I guess all I really want to say is that I hope we are able to stay friends even if life (or future jobs/schooling) gets in the way.

And it’s a good thing we’ve begun to exercise together, because I think our favorite shared hobby is eating good food.


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  1. Long live eating good food with good friends! Whoo!

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