Cat food

From the time I was a wee lass until the time I went off to big bad college, I had a cat. Sometimes they were family cats, sometimes they were more for me. Along with my parents, I’d feed them, give them water, change their litter box, and love them like nobody’s business (where did that phrase come from, by the way?).

It’s been 5 long, agonizing years since I’ve had a kitty around. But no more. Saturday night a kitty found my roommate/cousin, and we’ve been enamored every since. We’re going to do the nice thing and make sure she doesn’t belong to anyone else, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that she truly was in need of rescue.

Because of the new kitty, we now have a new litter box, new food, new toys, etc. And after all this time I’d forgotten how nice the smell of cat food is.

Yes, dry cat food smell is one of my favorite smells. It brings back memories of Rocky, Morris, Evil, all those cats I’d scoop my hand in the cat food for. I never went so far as to try the food (has anyone? How does it taste?), but I have a knee-jerk reaction to breathe in a big gulp of air when I open the cat food.

Anyone else have a strange connection with food for animals?


2 Responses

  1. I sort of do, but only if I’m pet sitting and the owner keeps the dry pet food in large opaque bin with a swinging lid on it.

    My parents have one of those that they keep the dog food in. It usually sits outside on their deck. One year when I was about 16, it started to sleet late on night so my dad went out at about 11 PM and got the dog and the dog food bin and brought them inside. I remember him specifically saying he must have been really getting old, because the dog food bin felt heavier than usual.

    When I got up the next morning I went to feed the dog, and when I opened the lid to the bin (the lid doesn’t have a latch, just a hinge on one side) there were two baby raccoons inside, eating the food and making all kinds of cute purring noises. Except that it scared me to death because I wasn’t expecting them to be in there.

    So now, when I’m at home or at someone’s house and I’m near that kind of dog food bin, I’m always nervous that some poor creature is stuck in there. Not quite the same type of connection that you have with cat food, but it’s a connection nonetheless.

  2. I’ve always enjoyed the smell of horse feed. Dog and catfood, not so much. As far as favorite smells go, we always get a kick out of Vicki getting excited about the smell of asphalt. Yep, one of her absolute most favorite smells. And we both agree that printing ink (all those fresh books, brochures, magazines etc) is a great smell!

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