Saturday Night’s Alright

I actually had a night that was worthy of a blog post. The fact that I thought about that last night makes me wonder if I should spend less time on the internet…

So we decided to go to the new downtown Alamo Drafthouse at the old Ritz. First of all, the new theater is very nice. Plush is a good word, as the walls and carpet are full of rich gold tones. There are two theaters in this new location, and both were showing advance screenings of No Country For Old Men (it opens nationwide on Wednesday).

I’m going to take a few sentences to tell you how great this movie is. It’s great. It’s beautiful. The acting is phenomenal. The tension is maddening. This cements my eternal love for the Coen brothers. (I mean, I knew I loved them before, but man, do I ever now). This is one of those movies that deserves to be called a film (as it is on its website I linked to). If you’ve never read the book, as I haven’t, you’ll be blown away by how good the story is, how simple yet complicated it is. I should warn you that the violence is, well, if you have a weak stomach, you might want to close your eyes occasionally. If you’re a literature student or just love a good story, you’ll appreciate this movie. (Well, I hope you do. We all have our own opinions, of course, and yours might differ from mine.)

Back to the theater. The movie started at 9:40, so we got there around 8:20 or so in order to secure great seats. (One of my biggest pet peeves is getting to a movie late and having to sit up front.) We ended up being the first in line. When the theater was cleaned, a staff member came out and said to us, “I guess you guys got here early to get really good seats, right?” We said yes, of course. Turned out he wanted us to be his guinea pigs for some seats in the balcony (we were two of eight guinea pigs for two balconies). He took us up by ourselves (he brought the others up afterwards), and we got to see the behind-the-scenes area of the theater. We saw where the waitstaff worked, and where the film projectors are (turns out the two theaters are back-to-back, so they had the film looped between us; our theater saw the film first, and the other theater was about 4-5 seconds behind us). The balconies are on either side of the theater, and they have two leather couches on each side. We choose the leather couch that was more to the center, on the right side of the left balcony. We had a small table in front of us for our drinks, and our waitress was attentive enough (she was also working downstairs). I really felt like we were sitting in our living room; our living room which happened to be a huge theater with leather couches and a waitress.

Afterwards, we headed outside and were reminded quickly that we were on 6th street. That’s a culture that I have no ties with, and I felt like a tourist in the city I’ve lived in for 2 1/2 years. We kept making jokes about all of the scantily clad women we saw, but then we came across something that made me happy we were there. There was a group of bagpipers with some snare drummers and one bass drummer. They all had their kilts on, but their T-shirts were all from fire stations in different Texas cities. We saw Denton on the bass drum, Corpus Christi on a bagpiper, and I think I saw Killeen on a snare drummer. They were standing around when we first spotted them, and we decided to stick around and see if they were going to play. They did, and ended up marching about a block. There were several people following them, so we decided to join in on the parade. There we were, marching down 6th street behind a fire fighting band of bagpipers, having just seen an incredible movie in a semi-private balcony. It was a great night, worthy of its own blog post.


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  1. Man, some people have ALL the fun! 😉

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