Time stamp woes

WordPress, we need to have a chat. Your time stamp has never been accurate, but I’ve let it go because really, it’s not one of the important things in my day-to-day life. But this month, it’s worth noting. Because this month, if I post every day, I could win something.

Maybe I should have explained this to you before you decided to post my entries with the next day’s date. I don’t know why this started, but I do know when. November 14. See, I know I wrote this when I took a sick day, and that sick day was on Wednesday, November 14. I was sitting on the same couch I’m sitting on today, getting ready to get some wedding planning done. I know that the post was on the web for all to see that day, because I always view my page after I’ve posted. But for some reason, I didn’t look at the date on the posted entry. And that’s when you pulled a fast one on me. You said I posted that on November 15, Thursday. No sir, I was at work on November 15.

So I did what I had to do. I went back and edited the time stamp. I realize that this simple act may disqualify me from getting a amazing prize, but I just think the truth should be told. I haven’t missed a day yet, and even something as mean-spirited as an erroneous time stamp isn’t going to keep me from reaching my goal. So every day before I hit “Publish,” I’m going to check that time stamp. Because now I’m a smarter, more informed woman. And I will never be wrongly time stamped again.

UPDATE: I found the error and have fixed it. Hopefully I shall never have to edit my time stamp again.


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