My right nostril

My right nostril is stuffed up. Not both, just the one.

I mentioned yesterday that I started taking my Driver’s Safety course online, and while it’s turning out that this is one of the more boring things I’ll have to do in my life, it’s actually been a little educational. See, there are three parts of our personality: child, adult, and parent. Simply put, the adult is the one that keeps us calm in traffic. I don’t know if my sore throat and stuffy head turned me into an adult on my drive home today, but I was calmer than usual. Maybe everyone should take this extremely boring online course.

Why is it that cleaning product commercials make cleaning look like so much fun? I never have that kind of crazy fun when I’m dusting something.


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  1. […] and giggles Remember when I talked about the adult personality keeping us calm in traffic? I think that the overwhelming theme of that was to not take things personally. If someone cuts you […]

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