Welcome to boredom

I keep beginning posts, getting distracted at work (yes, I post at work, I’m a horrible state employee), trying to come back to the post, then deciding that the post isn’t good enough or isn’t of the right feeling I’d like to give. So then I write a post about pens. Or something equally sad awesome.

Today I don’t have a back-up topic in mind, so now I’m frantically searching my desk for anything of interest. I could write about the lotion called Sensual Amber that I got from a publishing rep. Or maybe about the HEB Complete vitamins that I haven’t taken yet today. Wait…….remedied. I could mention the Advance Screening ticket my supervisor gave me for No Country for Old Men, and how I’m probably not going to go since it’s next Tuesday at 7:30 and Jared has a class that night and he’d KILL me if I saw that without him. That’s not true, I’m just being dramatic. But seriously, if someone wants this and they’re willing to find me, you can probably have it.

Maybe I could tell you about the OOEF that’s on my desk. It’s a form that has a bunch of boring information about the catering for a speaker that I’m in charge of. I’m in charge of the catering, not the speaker. The catering includes chocolate espresso brownies. I need those today, since the kids downstairs decided to have a party last night that lasted well into the wee morning hours.

How about the numerous post-it notes I’ve got slapped onto my computer and desk? Oh, should that be Post-it Notes? Or Post-It Notes? They help me when I’ve got a registration question. Or when I need to give Jason’s Deli or Dell or PDME our customer number.

Sometimes I think my job could be done by a monkey, but then I think that it’d have to be a slightly organized monkey with good phone skills. Do those types of monkeys exist?


3 Responses

  1. If they do, put me in touch. I am in need of a trained monkey to fill in for me in an upcoming (——–). <– Edited to keep me out of trouble.

  2. I just looked at the preview of *No Country for Old Men*. Sheese! I’ll have to see that one!

  3. Elizabeth – You’ll be the first to know.

    Judy – I know! Javier Bardem looks frightening, doesn’t he?

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