Let’s talk about…


Well, because it’s Wednesday, I’m stuck at work for another hour and a half, and I’m bored.

Here we go.

I use this pen at work:

dr. grip

I like it a lot. I’d recommend that you get one straight away, as it is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation.

I have a fondness for these types of pens:


I think they write better than some of the expensive ones you see on the market these days.

I don’t care for these types of Bics though:

bic velocity

They just don’t excite me much.

Do you have a favorite pen?


6 Responses

  1. I also dislike those last pens. I find that they don’t work as well for soft writers like me. And by “soft writers,” I mean people who don’t press down hard. Those pens like to stall out half way through letters. And by “letters,” I mean individual characters, not a letter like you mail to someone.

    I shall have to try one of those fancy pens you use. And by “try,” I mean visit your office and steal one from you.

  2. Oh Kim, your comment made me laugh.

  3. Two words: GEL INK.

  4. blasphemy!! I love those last pens! what pen-snobbery!

  5. i love the good old bic round stic. simple and classic. it’s not too flowy (so the line wisps out way after you were done with your word) and not to stuttery (i agree with kim on soft writers). plus jon stewart uses them on his show, and if jon stewart’s doing it, everyone should. right?

  6. cadiz12 – Thanks for stopping by and commenting! And I totally get the flowy thing–that’s one of my pet peeves with the last pens.

    And yes, if Jon Stewart is doing something, we should all be doing it.

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