Bookpeople is providing my internet access right now. My parents bought Jared a gift certificate as a birthday present, so I am currently camped out in the cafe while he attempts to spend his money on as many books as possible. I like this place, although at times they have questionable book store music. Just a moment ago, I was listening to ABBA’s “SOS.” Then I heard some crazy disco tune. Now it’s an amazing 70’s era love song duet. I don’t know–I think I’d rather have music that’s a bit more soothing played a little lower on the volume scale. Man, I sound boring, don’t I?

I don’t know if you followed that link, but if you did, you’d see a picture of the display for Stephen Colbert’s I Am American (And So Can You!). The display does indeed contain a bear. I think the presence of the bear in the Colbert display forces me to forgive the louder-than-I’d-like music.

Hope everyone’s had a good first weekend in November.


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  1. You’ve been spending a lot of time there lately. What, are you trying to appear well-read?

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