Just Like Heaven

I’m pretty convinced that The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” is the perfect song to hear in the morning.

I was talking to a friend recently about timidity. We’re both from the same area of Texas, he from a somewhat bigger town than I. Still, our county doesn’t have a big city, so people are generally more timid. I didn’t know this, of course, until I moved to the big city of Austin. Austin showed me that I don’t need to wait for every car to pass by before I pull out onto the street (I just need to see an opening). I don’t need to stop immediately when the light turns yellow. I don’t need to be afraid to cut someone off if they’re not letting me get on to MoPac even if I’ve had my blinker on long enough for them to see it.

I’ve accepted this change with vigor, driving through yellow lights, cutting off luxury cars with my blinkers left and right, and just generally not being timid about my driving. For my car, there is no such thing as always leaving 500 feet between me and the vehicle in front of me even when traffic is moving at 10 mph. Come on!! People are trying to cram themselves onto the highway and you’re SO concerned about your precious Lexus that you can’t even DREAM of moving up just a little bit??

Oh, sorry about that. You can probably tell that I have very little patience for timid drivers these days. If you put your blinker on to move right and the very nice people in the right lane leave you a space, please move over within 5 seconds. Don’t wait 30 seconds to absolutely make sure that you have 20 feet in front and behind your future lane spot. If someone’s being nice enough to attempt to make a space for you in the lane, there’s enough room for your car to begin to move over. Trust me on this.

It may seem like I’m advocating rude and dangerous driving, but I think that’s far from the truth. That kind of driving would include tailing people constantly, cutting people off with no blinkers or forewarning, weaving in and out of lanes like you’re the only one who needs to get somewhere, and running red lights. I don’t encourage that. I just want people to understand that if you want to get somewhere in the city, you should probably forget the rules of the country road.

On that note, do you have any driving pet peeves? Is your pet peeve people like me?


6 Responses

  1. Do I have any driving pet peeves? The correct question is do I have any pet peeves that don’t involve driving.

    And indeed, your driving is not reckless. No, that would be my driving when I returned from Baltimore, where blinking lights are a sign of weakness, you don’t “change” lanes but instead “take” them, and red lights? Those are only a suggestion. Of course, this is the city where I-95 has No Parking signs on the shoulders because if it’s not labeled as No Parking, someone will park there. It’s fantastic on 4 lane roads, because the right lane is a parking lot and the left lane is where people turn left, so driving forward? Yeah, it sucks.

    OK, end rant on Baltimore.

  2. Here’s a peeve, one of many that I have and see all the time, but the only one that I ran into this morning.

    I turned right onto a street and within 20 seconds was going the speed limit, which was 45 mph. A car that I turned in front of with (PLENTY OF) room to spare, was going about 65. He moved over to the other lane and then cut very close in front of me as he got back into my lane, I guess to make some kind of point. I just kept going 45, then moved over into the left turn lane, and ended up sitting next to the guy at a red light.

    I hope he felt like he accomplished something, by speeding 20 miles over the speed limit, then cutting me off on an empty street at 6:45 AM on Friday. I really hope he felt like he did, especially since we both ended up in the same spot.


  3. Marci – The whole “No Parking” thing really cracks me up. I can’t imagine people parking on a freeway!

    Becks – I LOVE it when someone who has passed me like that ends up at the same stoplight as me. It’s justice, and it’s wonderful.

  4. Mine is still those people you so kindly move over to the shoulder for because they are in an all-fire hurry and then after they race by you, they don’t even wave a thank-you. Like you owe it to them to move out of their way!

  5. […] on the back of my head. I didn’t realize that was a pet peeve of mine when I responded to this post, but it turns out that people who are driving up beside me who cut me off in order to turn in front […]

  6. Judy – I know exactly how you feel. That irks me too!

    Thanks for the link, Marci!

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