Good times

I woke up last night after a short nap with the fiance, and all I remember feeling for about a minute was intense happiness. No other thought, no other emotion entered my brain. All I knew was that I was happy.

I realize I was simply in the place between waking and sleep, but that still doesn’t take away from the immense blissfulness that I felt. Don’t know why I’m writing about it, other than to say that I hope everyone experiences that feeling at least once. It’s a good one.


4 Responses

  1. And this is going to be the stuff you remember after the wedding. Not the guest lists and florists, etc., just the bliss. Savor it.

  2. Sniffles…

    I love the short nap.

  3. TX Poppet – Thanks for commenting!

    Don’t worry, there will be savoring.

    Fringes – Me too. Me too.

  4. Welcome to the rest of your life.

    Marriage to your best friend is a beautiful thing.

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