Life has lately been getting in the way of my posting about life. Funny how that happens.

This last weekend Marci and her husband threw a UT football watching party. Well, it was supposed to be a UT football watching party. FSN didn’t begin showing the UT game until after the marathon match between A&M and Fresno State. A&M finally won during the 3rd overtime. I was happy with the results (I was raised an Aggie, so rooting for the maroon & white is sometimes hard not to do…even though I like UT better). But even the Longhorns in the room were happy to see A&M win; it signaled the end of only listening to the UT game on the radio.

Sunday night I went to a dinner party with the fiance. It was full of his new MFA friends, so I was a little nervous about going. I could just imagine that everyone there was going to be smarter, more witty, just generally much more interesting than I could ever be. And for the most part, I was wrong. Most everyone was nice and welcoming, and I was especially happy to chow down on the homemade fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Yeah, I even ate a few green beans. I don’t know what came over me.

Last night I found a floor chair (something akin to this–mine doesn’t rock) and a very tall extendable pole for ACL. The chair is for comfort while waiting between bands. The pole will be utilized when my friends can’t find my short body while looking for me in a crowd. Don’t worry, I’ll have a balloon attached to it–I won’t just have a pole sticking up into the air.

After that, I ended up joining Marci (same link as above) and Rebecca for dinner at Trudy’s. The food was good, as always, and the service was “eh,” which is, unfortunately, not all that unusual. We then decided to watch a movie, which ended up being my new favorite film. Tron. If you haven’t seen this movie, please, PLEASE go rent it right now. You should probably watch it with friends. And with the lights turned off. And the sound turned up.

So lately, football, fried chicken, and Tron have been taking over my life. I’m quite pleased, actually.


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