I love the sound of that word. “Thanks” or “thank you” is something I love to say and hear. I hear it all the time, which makes me feel good about the world around me. When I don’t hear it, however, it makes me madder than hell.

This isn’t about something that happened recently, just a general post about how I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t say “thank you” when someone else does something for them. Like, holding open a door. Countless times in my life I’ve seen someone take time out of their day to hold a door open for someone several steps behind them and not receive so much as a smile of gratitude (let alone a whole word). Do some people just expect to have the door held open for them? Are they spoiled enough to think they shouldn’t have to say “thank you” to someone who has just thought about another person over themselves? Ridiculous.

Even more frustrating is when I don’t hear “thank you” at a restaurant. Sure, the waiter’s just doing their job, but how would you like it if you were never thanked for doing something at your workplace? I admit that I probably say it too much, being sure to give at least a “thanks” every time my waiter does something for me. I sometimes wonder if I’m annoying them by saying it too much, but then I just figure that I’ll make up for all of the lame human beings who don’t feel the need to thank the people who are providing food for them to eat.

I guess some people just weren’t raised correctly. It’s a shame.


5 Responses

  1. As you know, in the theater, you say “thank you” to every single thing. Actors thank directors for notes. The crew thanks the light op for telling them the house is going dark. Thank the stage manager for telling you to stop talking. Thank the ghost for whatever the ghost does.

    I think it’s a mighty good practice. It maintains a professional, polite environment.

  2. Hey Caroline, I agree with you 100%. Thanks for writing this post!

  3. When you pull over to the shoulder when some crazy driver is bearing down on you, don’t you really like it when they wave a thanks? I’ve been the last of six vehicles when some pokey farmer pulled over and I was the only one who waved. Hey People! It’s how you say THANKS when someone is nice enough to get out of your way when they are slower than Christmas. They don’t have to do it, you know! Okay – my rant is over.

  4. JSS – I know!! I’m frequently in the same situation as you, finding myself being the only one waving a “thanks” to the person who has nicely moved over for us to pass them. They certainly don’t have to do it (even though I’m a big advocate of it), and they deserve at least a hand wave.

  5. Elizabeth – I do indeed remember how much one hears “thank you” behind the curtain in a theater. I love it.

    Becks – Thanks for reading and commenting!

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