Saw Once on Monday night, and was really glad that I got off the couch and spent the $8. It’s an independent film that’s touted as a musical, although it’s certainly not full of the typical musical fare you’d expect to find. It’s more akin to Damien Rice, with a bit more urgency behind the emotions in the music.

I liked the music, truth be told. It got a little sappy at times, but once I began to forget how cold I was in that stupid theater I found myself forgetting that I was watching a movie alone. I forgot about me, really. I love it when that happens; it rarely does anymore. If I had set out to do that, lose myself in a movie, it wouldn’t have happened. Things like that don’t happen when forced, no matter what the circumstances. I always find myself becoming too self-aware. This movie wouldn’t let me do that, and I was grateful to it for that.

Anyway, I enjoyed it. If you think you might, I’d highly recommend trying to catch it.

Today the cousin and I joined Premiere Lady Fitness. I have no idea why they decided on that name. I’m almost a little embarrassed saying that “I belong to Premiere Lady Fitness.” But it’s the truth, and it’ll be the truth for a year, since I went ahead and took the dive into a year membership. There’s no backing out, either. So I guess my only option is to actually GO to the gym as much as possible. I confess that the major catalyst is the wedding in (gasp) 9 months, but I’m really just getting fed up with feeling sorry for myself. If I’m going to get to a point where I’m happy with how I look, I’ve got to work at it now.


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