I miss…

my mom.

I do. She came up last night to drop off her (my old) car for me to drive (CR-V’s in the shop). It was just what I needed, that visit from her. There was nothing special about the visit; she came up to the apartment for a few minutes, we had pizza at Frank & Angie’s, we picked up my cousin, and I drove Mom home. No big deal.

But there was something about being able to talk to her in person about different things that have been milling around in my head, about the wedding, the possible job application, general stuff, that made me relax and feel better. Lately I’ve been wanting to talk to her more and more, so that now it seems I call every day during my lunch break or on my way home from work. We don’t talk about anything in particular every time, but each call makes my day better.

Is it because I’m in some sort of slow lifting fog of a depression? Is it because we’re planning my wedding, which is in the same moment making me feel both very mature and extremely helpless? Is it just that time of month?

Or is it just that I’ve never really had a problem with my mom, and I’m really beginning to appreciate that? I can’t imagine what it must feel like to not have this kind of relationship with at least one parent. My mom really is one of my best friends, as cheesy as that sounds. And I do realize that this entire post is a bit heavy on the sentiment. Oh well.


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