ACL Festival Schedule

I guess this post won’t be of any interest to those not going to the Austin City Limits Festival, but for those who are going, I invite you to some discussions about who to see. If you’re not going you can join the discussion too, of course. Here’s the schedule in case you want to check it out.

Here is my Friday, Sept. 14 Schedule as of now:

–2:30-3:30 – Can’t decide between Bela Fleck & The Flecktones or Pete Yorn. I don’t own anything by either, so I am open as to who would be better to see live. I’ve heard more Pete Yorn than Flecktones, but I wonder if I should see a band that would be completely new for me.
–3:30-4:30 – Peter Bjorn and John. Oh.So.Excited.
–5:30-6:30 – LCD Soundsystem. Again, don’t have anything by this band, but have heard their stuff on KEXP a few times and have been sad that I can’t boogie down at work.
–6:30-7:30 – Can’t decide between Queens of the Stone Age or Spoon. While I dig me some Spoon like crazy, I’ve seen them several times. I’ve never seen QOTSA. I have more albums by Spoon (a lot more), so even though I could probably see Spoon in Austin within the next year, I’ll probably end up heading their way.
–8:30-10 – Bjork. Also don’t own anything by her, and really don’t listen to her that much, but I’ve heard she puts on one hell of a show. Should be this year’s Flaming Lips. And the alternative, The Killers, are apparently quite boring on stage.

Saturday, Sept. 15 schedule as of now:

–3:30-4:30 – Andrew Bird. I’ve only heard a few songs by this guy, and he seems alright. Might put on a good show, and one never wants to miss a good show.
–4:30-5:30 – Damien Rice. Might not be the best place for his sound, but I was in love with his first album for a while so I can’t pass him up. Especially when the alternative is Blue October. (Blech)
–6:30-7:30 – Can’t decide between Arctic Monkeys or Muse. I really dig “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse, but staying at the Arctic Monkeys ensures a good spot for…
–8:15-9:30 – Arcade Fire!!! I saw this band two years ago at ACL without really knowing if I’d like them. They are now one of my favorites, and this is one of the shows I paid the money for. Can’t Wait.
–9:30-10 – Might try to catch a bit of The White Stripes. But I won’t cry if I miss them.

Sunday, Sept. 16 schedule as of now:

–12:30-1:30 – Yo La Tengo. I’d really like to catch these guys, but it’ll most likely be very hot at 12:30. And I need to be able to last until the end of the day.
–1:30-2:30 – The National. Again, I’d really like to catch this band. I’ve heard them on KEXP many times and always turn the volume up for their songs. But it’ll be hot! Will have to decide that weekend if I’ll make it out for them.
–2:30-3:30 – Ben Kweller. By now you may have heard about Ben’s bloody nose at last year’s festival. It was bleeding so profusely that not even the tampon he ended up shoving up his nostril could stop the flow. I hope he’s able to finish his set this year.
–3:30-4:30 – Can’t decide between DeVotchKa or Rodrigo y Gabriela. Wait, RyG has a cover of “Stairway to Heaven.” It’s just been decided. Sorry DeVotchKa; I’ll catch you next time.
–4:30-5:30 – Lucinda Williams beats out Bloc Party.
–5:30-6:30 – I’d like to see Midlake, but I think I’m gonna get food to get ready for…
–6:30-7:45 – WILCO. Again, one of the bands I’m paying money for. I’m incredibly bummed that I’m missing My Morning Jacket, but seeing as I own every Wilco album as opposed to one MMJ album, the choice is clear.
–8:30-10 – I’ll have to (sadly) miss Ghostland Observatory and The Decemberists to try and snag a decent spot for…(drumroll please)…

BOB DYLAN. Bob Dylan, people. Bob effin’ Dylan.

ADD: I forgot to mention that, as usual, I’ll probably end up hearing something I like as I’m walking and will venture to random stages. That’s the true beauty of ACL. That’s why this schedule, while I’d like to stick to it as much as possible, is never set in stone.

Did you actually make it this far? Wow, thanks!


5 Responses

  1. A ‘Stairway..’ cover over a brilliantly romantic performance of ORIGINAL material by Devotchka??? You be trippin’!!!

  2. sick piece on (Vice Magazine) about Queens of the Stone Age. Its qotsa singer josh homme and brody dalle from the distillers at a gun range. there is some music from their new album Era Vulgaris in the video.

  3. TitoP – Zeppelin is one of my favorite bands, so maybe that explains why I would pick a cover over original material. Either way, I might try to catch both.

    King – Thanks for the link; I’m checking it out as I write this…

    Thanks for stoppin’ by!

  4. Many, many years ago, twenty or so I’d say, I took off for a “bluegrass festival” and didn’t know who I would see. It was outside of Crockett TX and there was a tiny little stage and a campground. Annie and I still talk about how wonderful it was to see Bela Fleck & Mark O’Conner & others. I think they were Jerry Douglas, David Grisman, and (Tony Rice? Sam Bush?) But they played together on that little stage into the night. They were having so much fun. And so were all of us! Annie claimed Bela’s fingers were so beautiful and delicate that they appeared translucent. I don’t know about that but I did run out and buy their ALBUMS when I got home.

  5. You would be crazy to miss MMJ. I’ve seen both, and MMJ is one of the best..if not THE band out there right now. Doesn’t matter to me either way :-), but just would hate for you to miss one of the best live shows you’ll ever see.

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