It’s obvious that I’ve fallen into the summer blogging phase. Shorter posts, more fluff, less…me. I guess it’s because generally it’s a time when we can actually move around outside, and as a result we have less time to talk about ourselves and be all introspective and stuff. It really ends up looking like I’m not doing anything of any real importance.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. This summer I’ve gone from being his girlfriend to being his fiancee (were you aware that it’s spelled differently according to your sex?), I’ve moved into an apartment that did not come with a decently working air conditioner, I’ve gotten a speeding ticket while on my way to an Astros game for which we had FREE $50 tickets (with cushioned seats!), and I’ve backed into an obviously placed wooden pole, which has effectively rendered the back door to my CR-V useless.

Oh! I’ve also become important enough to sit in the front row of my fiance’s brother’s wedding (closer than his grandparents, mind you), I’ve spent a weekend at a part of the Texas coast that I didn’t even know existed, I’ve cemented my love for Ryan Adams (his albums…..maybe not his live shows) and Wilco (among other bands), and I’ve spent WAY too much money and am now in a tiny bit of debt.

So the last few months have been eventful, just not blog-worthy introspective. I’ve had lots of things on my mind, but just haven’t found the right way to talk about them without babbling incoherently. I’ve wanted to share so much with you, internet, but something’s been holding me back.

Maybe it’s that darned Harry Potter book, maybe it’s the rush of emotions I’ve been having while trying to realize that yes, I will actually be married in less than a year, maybe it’s the remote fear that someone won’t like what I’ve got to say and I’ll have to defend myself.

Whatever it is, I hope it doesn’t last too long. Because I still enjoy the rush that I get when I see I have a comment. And the only way one gets comments is if one posts.

That darned Harry Potter book is darned good, by the way.


2 Responses

  1. Yay! You have a comment!

    I know exactly what you mean. You’ve loyally read my blog this summer. Complete fluff.

    Can’t wait to discuss Harry Potter with you, though. I’m still dying to form opinions on some of the potential issues I have with the book.

  2. It was GREAT to see ya’ll! Hope the wedding was fun.

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