Oh no.

He’s gone.

Anyone else grow up watching Eyewitness News? I wasn’t around for the ‘Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’ debacle, but I do remember hearing “Marvin Zindler, EYEwitness news.” That “eye” was always louder and of a higher pitch than the rest of the sentence.

If you’ve never seen Zindler in action, or if you just want a reminder of what he was like, I recommend watching the video on the above link entitled “Marvin known for his signature sign off.” (You’ll need to scroll down a bit in the video collection.) It’s well worth it.


One Response

  1. I lived in Houston until I was 6 adn then spent almost every summer of my life there, so I do have some hazy memories of him. Although, I don’t really remember if it’s was actually him or just fabricated memories pieced together from all of the “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” stories I grew up hearing about.

    I didn’t realize he was 85. Wow.

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