Did you know?

Did you know that Nicolas Cage won an Oscar for Best Actor? I didn’t see the movie, but I can’t imagine he deserved it.


6 Responses

  1. Maybe you should go rent the film before making an assumption…

  2. Rebecca, you’re probably right. Unfortunately I probably won’t rent it. If it’s on TV one day though, I’m all for watching it.

    I did like him in Raising Arizona, but I’m pretty convinced that the Coen Brothers can work miracles.

  3. I didn’t care for Raising Arizona. Although there are some of his movies I liked him in. Excuse me, “movies in which I liked his performance.” And then again, plenty I didn’t. Seems like he just doesn’t fit the roles all the time. Funny, when I think of a movie I liked him in, the first one that comes to mind is “Family Man”. Cheesey, I know.

  4. JSS – Way to be proper there. 😉 I’m going to sound like such a movie and acting snob, but I think he’s more of a movie star than an actor. So maybe that’s why some roles fit and some don’t. When you look at people like…Gary Oldman, every role fits him because he’s a true actor and can transform himself.

    I can’t believe I’ve had more comments on Nic Cage than some of my other posts. This is weird and awesome. 🙂

  5. I’ll join the little comment parade here…

    I think Cage won the Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas, no?

    If so, it’s a pretty great movie, with a pretty cool soundtrack. I especially love Sting’s version of “Angel Eyes.”

    And though this comment doesn’t belong to this post: Weird that you had that Old 97’s video up. I hadn’t listened to them in three or so years, until two days ago, when I saw their CD and took it out to my truck.

  6. Chad – Thanks for joining the parade.

    And I’m glad you had a weird connection with the Old 97’s video. I don’t remember where I got that, but I figured it would make some people happy.

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