Before my morning commute today, I turned on the Weather Channel to see what I could expect. I was too late for ‘Weather on the 8s,’ but I did get to see Austin’s weather ticker, which showed that at 7:43 this morning, humidity was at 83%. 83% people!! The temperature was only in the 70s (77 I believe), but when one walks out into 83% humidity it really doesn’t matter how hot or cool it is outside. You sweat.

Well, at least normal people do. Well, at least I do. I have a 17 minute walk to work. By the end of the first minute today, I had to pull out my paper towel to swab my face free of sweat. That paper towel is my first defense, and I usually always bring it with me. But today I added a new weapon to my arsenal: something along the lines of this. I didn’t use it the whole time (the noise is annoying), but when I did use it I felt wonderful.

This all got me thinking about the other people I see on my walk to work every day. I can only assume that they either don’t have to walk too far or are born without sweat glands, because most everyone I see is barely sweating when I could fill buckets. I’ve always been this way–if I get too hot my face will turn red and I won’t stop sweating from every pore on my body. But then I see others who have on more clothes than me (long sleeves in Texas IN JULY???) who don’t even look moist. HOW?

This problem is magnified when I go to ACL Festival. Granted, I do see more people who are sweaty and stinky (like me at the end of the day), but there are some girls (I swear) who are wearing heels, tiny skirts, full make-up…and aren’t perspiring the least. Are their bodies engineered differently? Do they cool off by wearing less and less clothing?

Does anyone else have the same problem I have? Namely, being a human being and sweating?


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  1. Um, yeah. I sweat. A lot. At a much lower temperature/humidity combo. So when you’re sweating outdoors, think of me sweating inside, anytime the temperature is over 72.

    I won’t even go to ACL because of the potential for 100 degree weather. I’d start sweaty and stinky, and then melt from there. So that’s your problem – your baseline is gone, because we’re all sitting at home in the AC.

  2. But see, this is another reason that we’re friends. We know what it’s like to sweat.

    I’ll just remember to bring a sweater for when I’m cold and you’re still warm. And then we can continue to be friends. 😉

  3. I sweat like a racehorse when I get warm. And, I sweat in my sleep, no matter what the weather is like outside. So I have to keep the bedroom cold at night, otherwise I have weird dreams and wake up cranky with a headache.

  4. You sound like Jared. I think his idea of a perfect room to sleep in is one that’s too cold for me to even want to poke my head out of the covers.

  5. Today I called my mother and asked her what she would do with the puddle if I actually did melt. I, too, sweat when it is the least bit hot and humid. Once I start, I am embarrassed and then I sweat more. It’s just icky all around. Bad, bad hot humid weather.

  6. Jo – Yes! Just feeling my back start to sweat makes me sweat more, because then I’m worried that I’m sweating through my shirt. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! 🙂

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