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Smells of Summer

One of my favorite things to smell when summertime rolls around is the smell of OFF!. The scent just makes me feel carefree, as if there are events happening but all I have to do is enjoy them–no worries.

It also makes me feel like a kid again, when there were little league games and playing in the creeks around the house. Every time I smell it all I want to do is go outside. I don’t care what I’ll do, or who I’ll be around, or what the weather is like. When there’s OFF! in the air, I want to play.

I also love the smell of fresh cut grass, which may not exactly count as a summer smell. Although I’m sure it will be abundant once the rains stop and everyone is allowed to manicure their lawns as they see fit.

Oh! And sunscreen. Especially the coconut scented kind.

Any summer smells you enjoy?


4 Responses

  1. Barbecue and chlorine.

  2. Yeah! The chlorine gets me too.

  3. Well, two I don’t enjoy are OFF & coconut sunscreen. Remind me not to go camping with you!

    My favorites are freshly cut grass and anything on the grill.

  4. Grill. Good one.

    And yeah, we’ll have to stay away from each other during mosquito season.

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