Oh no.

He’s gone.

Anyone else grow up watching Eyewitness News? I wasn’t around for the ‘Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’ debacle, but I do remember hearing “Marvin Zindler, EYEwitness news.” That “eye” was always louder and of a higher pitch than the rest of the sentence.

If you’ve never seen Zindler in action, or if you just want a reminder of what he was like, I recommend watching the video on the above link entitled “Marvin known for his signature sign off.” (You’ll need to scroll down a bit in the video collection.) It’s well worth it.


For the Old 97’s fans…

Take That!

Costas smarter than Barry! (Not that hard to believe, actually.)


Biggio says goodbye.

It shouldn’t matter if you’re an Astros fan or not. A true baseball fan knows what this man meant to the game and how much he’ll be missed.

Craig, we’ll miss you.

And we’re off!

Started reading the new Harry Potter last night. I took Elizabeth’s advice and went to Target to buy it for pretty much half-price. The only problem was there there was one (ONE!) copy left, and there were two Harry Potter fans standing in front of it. My friend saw it first, so she got dibs. But when she discovered that the sleeve was torn on the front, she was a little heartbroken. Me being the ‘book sleeves are nonsense’ person that I am, I quickly struck a deal: She buys the torn one (she had a gift card, plus I thought she’d read it first and faster) and I buy a pretty one later…then we trade.

“Ok!” she says. It is only later that I discover she is still finishing up her re-read of the sixth book. Which means that the seventh would just have to wait until she was done. So OF COURSE I started reading it. I mean, come on!! The answers are all right there in front of me!! All I need do is read!!

I can’t say anything about the book. Not a thing. I can’t even say if I like it or not. This is because I have friends who haven’t read it and want to know NOTHING until they are able to see the words with their own eyes. Which is cool.

I’m just glad to know that there are certain people who have read it and finished it, so that when I’m done I can have someone to “OMG can you believe this happened and that happened?!” with.

Here are some things I’d like to do eventually

    Buy a nice camera and buy (or steal) Photoshop so that I can make my photos all pretty and stuff.
    Slowly print out the pictures from my computer and clear up some space.
    Maybe think about organizing and archiving the greeting (birthday, etc) cards I keep because I’m sentimental.
    Design a bookcase for my dad to make for me.
    Pay off my credit cards without dipping into savings.
    Organize my email accounts.
    Have the most adorable child(ren) on the face of the Earth.
    Buy all of the music I keep adding to my “Buy!” list.
    Learn how to be more assertive and less passive aggressive.
    Clean my house/apartment on a regular basis.
    Learn what makeup looks good on me and avoid what doesn’t.

Anybody done…

…with Harry Potter and want to let me borrow it? 🙂