This week I gave into the power that is So You Think You Can Dance. That’s a lot of fun to type, by the way.

I’ve always loved watching people dance. It’s a strange fascination for me, especially since I am by no means talented enough to ever attempt the kind of dancing I love to ogle. I’m not saying I love it all (contemporary dance does nothing for me; neither does half-naked rap video dancing), but I am saying that I will sit down and watch Center Stage or Dirty Dancing over and over and over and over again. And not for the acting. Because there’s rarely any acting in movies like that. I watch those kind of movies for the dancing.

This is also why I like to watch musicals, especially the old school movie musicals with Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire. I love seeing how luxuriously smooth dancing can be, and those movies are great showcases for that. I also like watch huge groups of people dancing the same steps in complete unison. That just blows my mind. How did they all get their feet to go that direction at the same time?

Anyway, SYTYCD is by far a mostly cheesy reality show. The judges are obnoxious most of the time, the music mostly sucks ass, and the dancers are still learning. But man, when there’s talent present, it’s a beautiful show to watch. Here’s an example (including cheesy music and judges).

Does anyone understand my weird love of watching dance? Or do you guys have other guilty pleasures?


2 Responses

  1. You might be surprised to find how enjoyable the Austin Ballet and companies like Blue Lapis Light are. I think we’ve all been collectively scared off by those goofy modern dance choreographers of the 80s and 90s who tucked their dancers into elastic body bags and had them squirm around for 30 minutes and called it meaningful. In fact, I have so very much fallen for the nosebleed seats at actual dance performances. It will really transport you. The sheer physical stamina of these dancers is beautiful.

    Oh– I caught an early episode of SYTYCD, when I was too tired to change the channel. I admit to its allure… Good dancers are so much fun to watch… but I have this anti-reality TV stance, yknow? It’s making it even harder for actors and writers to make a living.

  2. I know what you mean–I have a semi-anti-reality TV show stance. Basically if a show is showing people competing using their talents alone, then I will admit to watching it (does not include American Idol or Shear Genius). When it’s just a bunch of people on an island or in a house, then I refuse.

    Silly rationalization, I know.

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