Is it summer yet?

We’ve had two dead days at the university this week, and it’s been a joy. No lines at campus restaurants, no students choking up the sidewalks; you can almost hear the campus sighing with relief.

I used to be one of those students, but it’s been two years now and I’m really starting to feel like I just can’t understand people that age anymore. Did I really spend more time complaining than doing my homework? Did I act like I was busier than everyone else in the world and therefore deserved that parking place more than others? Did I act like a bitch?

I hope not. And if I did, I’m sorry. I must have been under the college trance.

Anyway, those darling children will mostly scatter this summer, leaving only a relative handful taking classes during the hot months. I’ll be one of them, taking another School of Information class to see if that’s my calling. If it isn’t, I’ll probably have to find a way to break my parents’s hearts by telling them that I won’t be finding my future in a master’s degree.

This post is not very cohesive. Sorry about that. Guess that’s just how the mind is working right now.


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