Baby Hatch

Since I’m a little bleh this week, you might just get some links to things I find interesting. Here’s a good one to start it off:

Japanese hospital tests first “baby hatch”

What do you think about this?


3 Responses

  1. hmmm… not sure about this… No one likes abandoned babies… but making it this easy to “dispose” of a baby could be sending the wrong message… I guess as long as there’s enough demand for adoption…

  2. Yeah, I don’t know what to think about it either. I see both points.

    However I feel about it, I’ve gotta say that the contraption itself is a little ingenious.

  3. I see the baby hatch as a positive thing. At least the kids go to children’s homes, where they have the chance to be adopted and have a life. At least they are not dying in dumpsters or alleyways or wherever else in Japan people might leave a child. I’m not sure it would send the wrong message. If people don’t want a child, they don’t want a child. They can either abort it, abandon it, in the garbage, put it in the baby hatch, or take it to an orphanage. If the wrong message was going to be sent, I think it was sent a long time ago, since three out of four of these options have existed for a long time.

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