All quiet on the blogging front

Sorry I’ve been so darned quiet lately. I spent almost all of Memorial Day weekend in San Marcos with the boyfriend, either sleeping, eating, or thinking about sleeping or eating. We did more productive things too, but this was one of the laziest weekends I remember having. Which is ok, but it really did a number on my mood when I had to come back to reality. Reality is also known as living in a different city (even though we’re only 30 minutes away from each other now) and having to go to work at a job that I don’t think I’m really needed at.

Don’t worry, I won’t let this grow into a “feel sorry for me” post.

This weekend I also traded cell phones with my dad. He and my mom had recently gotten new Samsung camera phones, and they liked them for the most part. The only problem: my dad keeps his phone in his pocket, and as a result the phone kept randomly taking pictures (there’s a camera button on the side). My phone was not a camera phone, and it had turned out to be one of the best little cell phones I’ve ever had. To tell the truth I was a little sad to let it go, but hell. I’ve never had a camera phone. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

So I went from this phone to this phone.

So far the new one’s ok. I like being able to save a picture so that it’ll show up when a particular person calls. But the many buttons on the side are a hassle. I’ve already mysteriously called my cousin while the phone was snug in my purse. And the battery life is CRAP. Which I’ve heard about camera phones. But come on! It can’t go a day without losing a battery bar.

Other than that, I’ll enjoy it. I’m actually due for a new phone with my plan, so maybe I’ll try this out for a while and then find something else that I’ll really like.

Anyone else have a camera phone? Got any advice for saving battery life? I don’t have the option of turning this baby off, because it is my only means of communication. Any phone recommendations for AT&T customers?


Inner Dialogue

Thoughts thought whilst traveling from the 5th floor to the 2nd floor via escalator:

“These steps seem more slippery than usual. I guess it’s because it’s raining or something.

I guess I don’t have to walk back up the escalator. I could just stand and ride. Who’s gonna know?
I’ll know. That’s enough.

I should write a blog entry about this. I like reading inner dialogue stuff. I bet someone else does too.”


Anyone remember this?

For me, this video came out when I was in high school. When I watched it tonight, it brought up memories I hadn’t thought of in a long time. But it also solidified my belief that this is a really great song. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that I only have a chance of the female readers agreeing with me. Stereotyping, I know. So if you’re male and straight, just ignore this video, k?

My breakfast

My strawberry this morning

looked like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.

Is it strange that I thought of this AND used the office camera to document it?


This weekend the boyfriend and I saw Chalk, a mockumentary about high school teachers. We loved it; it was both hilarious and touching, and having grown up knowing my high school teachers personally (my mom was the high school secretary, so I’d hang around after hours), I know that at least a few of them would love this movie for its honesty. Below is the trailer.

It’s playing right now at Alamo South Lamar, in case you’re in Austin. I know I’m full of recommendations today, but trust me. This is a good movie.


Wilco’s new album, Sky Blue Sky, is out as of last week. By going to this website, you can listen to the entire album through Quicktime. If you like what you hear, please go out and buy the record.

Wilco has a history of being VERY friendly to their audience in regards to streaming albums and live shows on their website. Their philosophy towards making music accessible differs greatly from that of the RIAA. They don’t think it’s necessary to limit the availability of their work, since the whole point of making music is to reach the audience, new and established alike.

If you’ve got a few extra bucks and are looking for a new cd to buy, I’d recommend this one. If nothing else, go take a listen. It’ll keep you company at work when there’s nothing to do (you know who you are).

Too. Much. Cute.

One of these was in our office today. Why aren’t we allowed to have animals at work again?

boxer puppies