Best service ever

The other night Kim and I went to Trudy’s for dinner. She really wanted a chicken caesar salad (it’s pretty darn good there), and even offered to pay for me if I’d go along. And who’s gonna turn down a free meal? Anyone? No, didn’t think so.

The service was good enough to warrant an average tip, but near the end of the meal it kicked some ass. I had gotten full rather quickly and was done with my salad a good bit of time before Kim was, so while she finished her meal I finished off my Coke. (I know, I know, Coke is bad for you. But theirs is soooooo good.) And when I say finished, I mean finished. Not a drop left. I had ordered a water as well, which quickly disappeared after the Coke. I was thirsty, what can I say?

Now, this next bit happened so quickly that I may not correctly remember who asked me when, but I can safely say that in the span of a minute and thirty seconds, I was offered more to drink three times. By three different people. First, our waitress came by and asked if I needed any more Coke. I politely declined. Then, about twenty seconds later, a host came by to ask the same thing. Again, I politely declined. I then decided to combine my two glasses into one, and proceeded to use my straws to play with the ice. About 30 seconds later, another waiter came by and asked rather strangely, “Do you need another drink or anything?” I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit.

Honestly, if Trudy’s gave us that much attention on every visit, I’d spend a LOT more money there. It was a beautiful minute and a half.

Two Thumbs Up Trudy’s Monday afternoon staff. Two Thumbs Up.


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