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If you wanna get married in Texas, talk to Chisum first

I just wrote a long post ranting about House Bill 2685, written by everyone’s favorite Representative, Warren Chisum. More information can be found by looking at this article from the Austin American-Statesman.

I’m glad I didn’t publish it though, because according to the author of this Austinist article, Rep. Senfronia Thompson “successfully added an amendment to the bill that essentially rendered it meaningless.” (This information can be found in the comments) But I gotta tell ya Texans, this still gets my panties in a wad.

I don’t want someone telling me to pay an increased fee for a marriage license if I don’t want to take an “education course” on marriage. If I think I need it, or if my family members urge me to take a course, I’ll do that on my own terms. I WILL NOT pay more money for a license to avoid a class I don’t think I need.

The brains behind this bill is none other than Warren Chisum, the mastermind behind Prop. 2, a steaming pile of, well, to be kid-friendly, poop. This man has the audacity to tell my homosexual friends that they do not have the right to be married–they can’t even be united through a civil union. He thinks their getting married would undermine the sanctity of marriage.

You know what, Chisum? Maybe you’re right. If my friends get married to someone of the same sex, I just don’t think my marriage would mean as much to me. It would keep me up at night, their marriage, because it is, after all, my business what they do with their lives. How could I have doubted your wisdom?

I’ll tell you how. Because the way you want to treat my friends makes me so angry I have to fight back tears. The way you demean their emotions and rights makes me so disgusted that I can only think about how hard I want to punch you. (Very, very hard).

And the way you now want to stick your nose into my life has me wondering how a man like you is in charge of anything. If you want to offer these classes to couples wanting to marry, make them OPTIONAL. And don’t make others pay more because they don’t think they need them.


2 Responses

  1. I agree with you. AND, there’s now another bill (House Bill 180) introduced by Rep. Bill Zedler of Arlington. He’s a Republican, which I’m sure will come as a shocker. The bill wants to introduce “covenant marriage” into state law. Basically, if you want, you and your fiance(e) can sign on to be extra-married in a “covenant marriage.” This makes it even harder to get divorced. Among other things, you have to go through a three-year waiting period before finalizing the divorce.

    Not that I’m hoping for an increase to the divorce rate, but can we please acknowledge for just a moment that this is completely stupid? Leaving out how many divorces social conservatives themselves have amassed, let’s just think about what this means. The bill makes no provisions for financial support of either spouse during this waiting period. Also, according to the Family Law Section of the Texas State Bar, “a spouse who does not want the marriage dissolved, or wants to abuse the other spouse, can game the statute by forcing a continuation of the marriage ad infinitum.”

    There are more reasons beyond that.

    I personally will never enter into a “covenant marriage.” I oppose it, however, for the sake of the many people who may be in love but lack the foresight to recognize just how many ways this bill can make their lives more difficult and painful at an already difficult and painful time.

  2. Elizabeth – I’m with you. I’m not sure why these representatives are spending their time on these issues when there are others they could be taking care of. I’m nowhere near politically savvy, but I DO know that education and healthcare is infinitely more important than worrying about the marriages of Texans.

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