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Thinking Blogger Awards (& Ryan Reynolds)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Fringes tagged me with a Thinking Bloggers Award. (mistakenly, I feel, but I’ll take it) So now shall be the post where I pass the award on to others. And talk about Ryan Reynolds.

First, awards:

Becks, temporarily over at Instead of Working, keeps us all on our toes. She writes about a lot of different subjects, including pet peeves, color choices, and her beliefs. We may not always agree, but she’s a top notch gal who accepts all with respect (until they start smacking their gum, that is). I’m glad we’re friends in real life, as well as cyber life.

Marci, situated at Pieces, is my sports friend. Well, that’s not all we have in common, but that’s what bonded us in the first place. Her posts are always entertaining, especially when she gets to talking about her fish. Sometimes she takes a little while to post, but her writings are always worth the wait. I’m glad I’m friends with her in real life too, because you’ll never laugh harder than you will when you’re with Marci.

Judy, who can be found at Ms. Judy’s House of Fun, was my boss/second mother while at college. Her posts are uniquely hers, no fillers or preservatives. You honestly never know what she’s going to write about next, and she’ll have you pondering one minute, laughing the next. I’m glad she’s returned to more regular blogging, because the internet was missing her voice.

Totally Unauthorized is written by a woman named Peggy. I don’t know her, but I can be found lurking at her page every day. She works in the film industry, behind the scenes. Without people like her, we wouldn’t see the actors very well (yeah, she works with lighting). Her blog makes me want to be behind the scenes with her.

And to return the favor, I’m giving another award to Fringes. She was the first person outside of my group of friends to really follow my blog, and I’ll be forever thankful to her for that. Her posts range in topic, but have a certain humor underneath them all that really grabs a reader and makes them feel like they’ve known her all their life.

Whoo! Now, the whole point of the awards is for them to be passed on continually. If any of those tagged feel like passing them on, go right ahead.

Quickly, I want to tell you a story. About when I saw Ryan Reynolds on campus. Yes, that’s right. He’s filming Fireflies in the Garden right here in Austin, and yesterday he was on campus. Along with this guy (sorry, haven’t seen his stuff, so he’s just “this guy” for now). We got several pictures, two blurry (by me) and five or six good ones (by my boss). I loved seeing him in person, but I think I was more enamored with the whole behind the scenes part of the shoot. And it desperately made me want to quit my job and try my hand at the film community. I’m not sure I have the energy for that though.

Anyway, yes, he does look as good in person as he does on film. Bearded and everything. (If you know my boyfriend, you know I have a weakness for the beards)

Got any celebrity sightings? The comments are waiting!


7 Responses

  1. Hey, alright! Another award. My trophy shelf is a little crowded, so if this can be a cash award, that’d be awe.some.

  2. Fringes, you’re barking up a state-funded tree. AKA, poor.

  3. Oooh. Thanks for the mention. Makes me want to rush over and make my post about the guy who had his eye poked out in a fight! Thanks!

  4. celebrity sightings… I’ve seen a couple of people whilst living in London. Definately the most mmorable has been Kevin Spacey though. I was walking by the stage door of the Old Vic, his theatre, and he burst out to avoid ppl waiting for him (which there were none… whoops) and managed to spill my coffee all over me. He said he was sorry but then ran off without offering to pay/get it cleaned/ etc. About 3 months later I was at an Atrist club, a private bar where you have to have an equity card to get in, and he was at the bar. My friend James went up to get a drink and Mr. Spacey began hitting on him. Was quite a laugh seeing as James is 1. a huge Kevin Spacey fan but 2. not gay. He was a bit torn on what to do. Laughable.

  5. JSS – Please do!

    Kaker – Wow. I hope your coffee-stained outfit wasn’t a favorite. My boss actually worked on a film (as an intern) with him not too long ago, and she thought Spacey was a little creepy. Did you get that impression?

  6. Have you heard anything about where he is staying?

  7. Taylor – No idea.

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