Oh, what a wonderful life

Guys, things are happening. First of all, WordPress has (randomly, I’m sure) chosen my blog as the “Blog of the Minute,” which means that when WordPress bloggers log in, they’ll see my blog featured. Beautiful. In other news, music is being bought, public access TV is rocking my socks off, and baseball is literally less than 24 hours away. Allow me to expound.

First of all, music being bought. I’ve gone on some kind of shopping spree; with what money, I’ll never know. Belle and Sebastian is leading the purchases with two cds, The Boy with the Arab Strap and Push Barman to Open Old Wounds. The same day I purchased those, I picked up The Octopus Project’s One Ten Hundred Thousand Million. Sweet. Today, I went a little crazy and got four new cds. Dr. Dog’s We All Belong, Peter Bjorn and John’s Writer’s Block, Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible (so excited about this one), and Elliott Smith’s Roman Candle. The purchase of Smith’s rounds out my collection of his albums. If you’ve never heard his stuff, please check it out; you won’t be disappointed.

Austinites: With the exception of one cd, I bought all of these at End of an Ear. Pretty pretty please go check these guys out. Their selection is awesome (for cd and record buyers alike), and they’re a hell of a lot nicer than those holier-than-thous at Cheapo or Waterloo.

Public Access TV just played an entire My Morning Jacket concert filmed in Austin. I had no idea the lead singer had that much hair. Or that his voice sounded that mesmorizing live.

Baseball. BASEBALL!! The exalted Houston Astros will be taking on the Pittsburgh Pirates tomorrow evening at 6:05 PM. That’s right. At noon tomorrow I will begin my three hour journey to Houston, only stopping for essentials. There I will see Minute Maid Park abuzz with all the sights and sounds that go along with what one can only describe as pure bliss. Astros fans, get ready. This season’s gonna rock.

Oh! And I’ve been tagged with a Thinking Blogger Award by none other than the beautiful and achingly talented Fringes. Whoo!! Since this post is long enough already, I’ll have to pass this torch on tomorrow or Tuesday.

Got any comments? Well I’ve got the place for ’em.


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