Another choice

Hi all, it’s me again. I’ve decided that since my previous post about a belief I have has drawn such attention, I’ll go ahead and talk about another choice I’ve made with my life. Please accept what I have to say as only what I believe, not what I’m saying you should believe.

I’ve chosen blue as my favorite color. I know, I know. Lots of people like green, and I understand that. I think green is a necessary part of our reality (as all colors are). The grass is green, trees are green, the light at the intersection that tells me I can go is green. I even understand why others would choose green as their favorite color. I just have to say that I don’t believe green is the color for me. Blue is.

I know what some might say: I’ll probably be happier in life if I choose green as my favorite color. I don’t know about that. Maybe. But blue is what I like, what I understand, what I feel in my bones to be the right choice for me. Nobody’s proven to me that blue is better, I just think it’s better for me. I don’t think I know exactly how to explain why I’ve chosen blue to those that don’t understand my choice. I’ll try, because while I don’t think I should have to defend my choice, I can certainly see why someone would want to know more about why I’ve chosen blue. I’m equally as interested in why others have chosen their favorite colors, but I won’t make them defend themselves. They’re smart enough to make their own decisions.

Some might also say that by saying “Blue is my choice as my favorite color,” I’m actually saying, “Green is not a good choice for a favorite color.” Or even worse, “There is no way green can exist as a favorite color.” I am here to tell you that that is incorrect. I don’t agree with those that will decorate their lives with green, but I respect their choice. I would only expect that they would accept my choice to surround myself with blue. They don’t have to agree, but they should respect me. After all, aren’t we free to make our own choices on our own terms?

I’ve looked at different colors, but none have ever really spoken to me like blue has. Green came close for a few years, especially when I was younger. But as I grew up, I realized that I personally identified more with blue. So after many, many years of thinking about it and consulting others with different favorite color choices, I’ve decided to go with blue. I will continue to study other colors, and in the future I may just change my choice. We’ll see.

I hope this doesn’t offend anyone or make them look down on me. I realize I’m not going with the majority of the world by choosing blue, but that really doesn’t matter to me. I am who I am, and if you are my friend I hope that you accept that I’ve chosen blue and we can move on.

Thanks for reading again. If you’ve got a different favorite color and want to talk about it, please comment. Know that I accept all color choices here, even pink, a color which I personally can’t stand. Yes, even pink choices are welcome here. My blue arms are wide open.


5 Responses

  1. You have been true to blue since I’ve known you. This is who you are and any defense is not required in my book. About that grass is green thing, they say the grass in Kentucky can be quite blue.

  2. JSS – Really? I’d like to see that Kentucky bluegrass.

    Thanks for understanding my choice of blue. 🙂

  3. […] Sometimes though, I do come across beliefs so vastly different than mine that are SO WRONG that I just can’t let myself accept them. This has happened to me today. My hands are shaking and I feel my blood boiling because of this post. […]

  4. Marci – I never pegged you for a red gal; have we talked about this? I have a relative who loves red–you two should meet and talk about it.

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