A selfish post

My brother, the middle one, is coming to Austin tonight with his wife. The main reason for their trip is to buy a car, but the great thing is that they’ll get to see my house (finally!) and take me out to dinner. Well, we’ll all go to dinner together. Hopefully they’ll pay, but one can’t beg.

My immediate (and some extended) family lives an hour and a half away, all down one country road. The same road my mother grew up on (mostly). It’s a family thing, living down this road. Both of my older brothers ended up building houses within a mile of our parents’ house. I’m actually a bit jealous of them, because that road has one of the best support systems anyone can find. But the big city called me, and now I’m in Austin, 90 minutes away.

My brothers are both considerably older than me. The oldest is 15 years older, and the middle one is 8 years older. Growing up I can barely remember playing with my oldest brother, and my middle brother certainly didn’t want much to do with me once he got into high school and started dating. I do have some good memories with him though, like when he gave me a lot of baseball cards FOR NO REASON AT ALL. Or when we would always play War with Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Cards during our yearly summer vacation to Galveston. I loved those cards. And those bunk beds in the hotel.

Seeing as they are so much older though, they’ve moved on to building their own families, each with kids and animals and all that great stuff. I’m lucky, because I was able to be an aunt to several of them long enough for them to be able to remember me later. Now that I’m older and living my own life, it’s gotten harder to keep up with everyone; especially the newest additions to the family. It’s also hard to relate to my brothers. And hard to see them in an environment that isn’t the family road.

So anyway, this is why I’m posting a selfish “hey! look at me!” blog; because I’ll get to see two members of my family and they’ll get to see my house and we’ll get to go to dinner and I hope their plans don’t fall through now that I’ve posted this. I’d better clean up when I get home.

Anyone else have odd family situations?


4 Responses

  1. I don’t have odd family situations such as yours, but I do have a selfish reason for writing this comment. Come visit my blog and you’ll find out what it is.

  2. I have an odd family situiation. Unlike you, I am the oldest. We are also quite spread out, I’m 24, Jess is 21, Gavin is 16 and Dylan is 9. Tends to make it difficult though is the distance. I live in London now after going to UT, Jesse is at Berkeley, and the two younger ones are at home with the parents in Tallahassee FL. The last time I saw any family member was Christmas and I don’t get to go home for summer either. So I will not see anyone until next Christmas. For all of the distance though, my family and I are very close. I love them dearly but it’s kind of the same thing, will Dylan the 9 year old remember me playing with hime when he is older? He was three when I went to Uni and I have not been home since. That worries me.

  3. Kaker – Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! Even though we are at opposite ends of the children spectrum, I understand your worries. I’m sure Dylan will remember you, just as I hope my youngest niece will remember me. I think we’re stored away somewhere in their brains…fingers crossed.

  4. I know they will. He called me the other day to inform me that his favourite sandwich is no longer turkey. It is now tomato but only if they are fresh out of Mom’s veggie patch. He just thought that I should know because… you know “it’s pretty important because [he’s] liked turkey for you know… forever” By the way FYI I found you via Avi in case you were curious. Have a good one.

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