Frat boy code

So Jared (the boyfriend) and I went to this hometown restaurant in San Marcos tonight. Jared was wearing an old pink (he calls it peach) Izod shirt, and even though he doesn’t look like a frat boy in any other way, this shirt gives him that aura. Don’t get me wrong; he looks good in it.

Anyway, we go to this restaurant named Grins and sit on the patio, as it was nice outside. We get this sort of stupid looking waiter–well, I shouldn’t say that. Maybe I should say that he looked like a true frat boy. No doubt about it. It wasn’t just an aura; he lives the life. He was so awesome, he didn’t even have to write our order down anywhere. He was also nice enough to (hopefully) replace my water that had a hair in it.

I got a salad, and Jared got a dinner and a margarita. When the check came, all that was on the ticket was his dinner and our waters. No drink, no salad. I assumed that maybe he didn’t charge us for the salad because of the hair in my water, but couldn’t figure out why there was no margarita on there. When he came to pick up the credit card, I mentioned that my salad and Jared’s drink wasn’t on the bill. He simply said “Oops” while giving a smirk to Jared. He brought the check back to us–well, he gave it to Jared even though it clearly had my name on the credit card–and we still weren’t charged for the salad or drink.

Could this have been because he felt like he and Jared were kindred frat boy spirits? Maybe. Maybe he just wanted an extra big tip. Which he sort of got. I wonder if the five dollars we gave him will go towards his next pink frat boy shirt…


6 Responses

  1. Was he hitting on you, despite the presence of Jared? Or begging for tippage? ‘Cause it seems like you wouldn’t get a lot of money, giving away stuff for free…

    Haven’t forgotten about your gloves. Been oh so busy with my play. I will work on them in April!

  2. Begging for tippage as far as I could see. He got a $5 tip, but he would have gotten about the $3-$4 if he would have added the salad and drink. I guess he came out ahead, but only by a dollar or so.

  3. He was hitting on Jared.

  4. He had to have been.

  5. Did Jared at least get the guys number? (Maybe it was on the check, snicker. 🙂

    – d.

  6. Oh man!! Why didn’t we look for that?!

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