Busy, busy, busy

The comments have been pretty sparse lately, but now’s the time of year that we’re all busy. Me, it’s not with work, although I now have a lot of busy work to do (damn you, data entry). No, it’s the extracurricular activities that are going to start bogging me down. I now proudly take aerobics four (count ’em!) times a week. Already feeling it. I’ve still got my i312 class going on, which requires a fair amount of reading. The weather’s nicer now, so that means I can sit outside after aerobics if I so choose.


Baseball’s about to start. Whoo!!!

There’s now a countdown ’til opening day with the Astros. April 2 is the target date, and what a wonderful date that is. There will be a road trip, a beer (or two, if I feel so inclined), a jumbo hot dog, a rally towel, possibly a purchase in the overpriced store, and (fingers crossed) a beautiful Houston sunset to complement the game.

Anyone else busy this spring? You should leave me a comment and tell me about it!!


5 Responses

  1. I just became un-busy. Which is nice, because I have a lot of stuff to do in my yard, and I’m buying fish for the pond tonight. Yay!

  2. I’m excited about the Stros Opening day too! It is right around the corner!

    And, yeah, what is up with Spring and busy? I’m swamped!

  3. Marci – Fish in the pond?! Alright! I’m coming over.

    Txgambit – Thanks for stopping by! Opening day is so close I can taste it!

  4. Busy don’t even begin to cover it. Fortunately, the play runs until March 31… then a break, during which I plan to reacquaint myself with anyone who is not involved in my play.

    I’m hoping the Fellah and I can take a road trip. I want to see Glen Rose, and he wants to go to the Dr. Pepper museum. I told him there are dinosaur bones at Glen Rose (there are, right?) and he got excited. Boys never grow up. šŸ™‚

  5. Elizabeth – I will be watching you entertain Austinites very soon. After that, I hope you get some time to regroup.

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