We should all just chill

My new motto. “Just chill out.” I don’t think this is said enough to the right people. I work with someone who seems to let every little annoying thing get under their skin. Sure, there are days when I’m like that; we all have those times when our buttons are a little easier to push and people seem that much more bothersome. But this seems to happen to my coworker all the time. They are always frustrated with something or someone, and it’s rare that they are in a good mood for the entire eight hours that they’re at work. Even if they’re in a good mood, there is still something to complain about. When offered solutions for solving those pesky problems they are so quick to share, they shrug them off and just complain some more, getting more and more frustrated with the situation.

I wish that I could just tell this person to chill out. Sometimes one needs to step back from a situation and assess if it’s really worth getting ones panties in a wad. I would wager that probably 2/3 of the time what seems terribly annoying is not, in fact, that bad. Seeing this takes a little patience, a little humility, and a good dose of maturity. I wonder why my coworker lacks this, as this person is older than me (as are all of my coworkers, actually).

Now, I do have a tendency to overanalyze and become extremely worried about certain things, but I’m trying to learn to overcome. I’ve gotten pretty good at dealing with work related annoyances, for instance. Sure, some of the things that bother my aforementioned coworker bother me too, but I’m certainly not going to let it ruin my entire day. Sitting at a desk for eight hours is hard enough already.

Anyway, I just want us all (me included) to chill out a bit more. I think this world would be a MUCH safer and nicer place if people would stop being so defensive and quick to anger. Let’s all hold hands and sing songs, shall we?


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