What to do?

I desperately want to buy some new music through iTunes, but I just read Gizmodo’s Anti-RIAA Manifesto and I agree. Completely.

I’ve bought several albums from iTunes, and I’m always very annoyed when I have to give permission for a computer to play some music. I bought it, didn’t I? Do they prevent me from playing it everywhere because I didn’t pay the extra money for the CD case? Just the other day I tried to play Elliot Smith’s XO at work from my iPod. It asked me for my permission, and after I’d gone to the trouble of remembering my username and password it told me that I had already used my five permissions on other computers. What? I don’t think this is right. I’ve listened to it on maybe three computers before attempting this one. And my iPod. That’s it.

So sure, I agree that the RIAA’s DRM is a silly, silly thing. But if I boycott it, as I should, I’ll have to pay extra money for music that I could get for only $10 through iTunes. And if there’s anything I’m not, it’s rich. I’m already pretty choosy about which bands will get my money because I can’t afford to be cavalier about these purchases. Now in order to try to push RIAA into oblivion, I’ll have to limit my CD buying to maybe one every two or three months. The (superficial) sacrifices one makes in order to stand up for what’s right…

In all seriousness, if you adore music as much as I do, please consider this boycott. The RIAA does not exist for the betterment of music, but for the betterment of the suits in charge.


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