So, I took it. The GRE. The Graduate Record Examination. Taken. By me.

I’m not sure if I feel comfortable giving my score out, because I don’t want people thinking to themselves, “She’ll never get into grad school with that score.” Yes, I do care what you readers think of me. To an extent. Let’s just say that while I fell a bit short of my goal, I didn’t bomb it. I scored better than some people I know, apparently. But I didn’t do what I wanted to, and that will disappoint me for a while.

I’m not sure what kind of score would be too low for the program I want to enter, but my GPA was very good in undergrad and I’m planning on kicking ass on my personal statement. So I’m hoping that if my GRE score is somewhat low by their standards, they won’t kick my application to the curb before they see the total package.

If you’re curious about my score, let me know. I’ll probably tell you if you promise to be nice.

Also, go see my guest blog at FringeHead.


2 Responses

  1. Stupid GRE. Haven’t taken it, I don’t really mind taking standardized tests, but I think they’re pretty silly. Way too many people making money on those tests…

    Anyways, best of luck getting into the program you want!

  2. I agree, these tests are rather silly. They give no indication as to how I’ll do in classes.

    Thanks for the good wishes!

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