I stayed home sick today. When this happens I sometimes think that I’ll begin to feel better halfway through the day and then I’ll clean my room, wash the dishes, do LOTS of GRE studying, watch my Netflix movie–you know, productive things. But no. I sit and watch The Empire Strikes Back, Broadcast News, and The Family Stone. The Family Stone made me cry. It’s a sad movie, but I shouldn’t have bawled that much. I just tend to get emotional when I’m feeling sick, and this damn movie exploited that. Assholes.

This Wendy’s commercial with the “trophy burger” is a bit ridiculous. They have a shot of beauty queens (are they called that anymore) holding a bacon mushroom melt like they’re actually going to eat it. Yeah, right. You don’t get to be a beauty queen by eating bacon burgers. You don’t be to be a beauty queen by eating any burgers. Well, if you have my metabolism you don’t.

Tina Fey’s trying to be nice on 30 Rock. I really like this show.

I hope everyone had a good Thursday. Make sure your Friday is awesome, ok?


5 Responses

  1. Are you feeling better? I also watched Empire. HBO has tocked all week lomg.

  2. Oops…HBO has rocked. I’m sleepy, so the typos abound.

  3. Indeed, HBO rocks and I’m feeling better–thanks for asking. 🙂

  4. I liked *tocked*. I wish it would catch on.

  5. jss, you made me laugh.

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